Friday, October 31, 2008

happy halloween



from our little creatures
to yours!

i can't stop laughing about this! :) flake is convinced i'm crazy!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

looking up

the first time i ever saw a sunflower,
i decided then and there,
god made them, and put them on the earth,
just for me!
i know that may seem a little selfish,
to this day, many many years later
i still feel that way!
everything about sunflowers reminds me of how much god loves us
the beautiful colors
the amazing shapes
the smell
the seeds

but my favorite reason to love sunflowers...
when i look at them,
i am always reminded to be steadfast in my love for god

sunflowers, no matter what, follow the sun
they always turn their face to the sun,
and rely on the sun to give them warmth, food and strength.

as a christian, i should also turn my face towards god
in everything i do
i need to remember to rely on the lord,
and seek my spiritual food from him in all times.
true to form,
i am human
and i tend to forget
that i should rely on god for everything
so i do my best to surround myself with this gift from god
to be a true reminder for me!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

new trick

thanks to mrs. goodneedle (that would be flake's mother's blogging name)
for letting me in on her secret to making photo collages! :)
these are just my very first few that i have made,
its so fun.....

this was the very first one i made......
(i made it to send to carter, but never got around to it)
the pictures were from this past fourth of july in the mountains
when the guys put together a slip and slide....
(the funny part....they decided the original slip and slide wasn't good enough, so they made a better one the next day....too funny....i'll have to post a picture of that too)
i know this collage has some of the same pictures....but remember it was my first!!

next, i made this one for my class website.
i know in my heart of hearts,
my administration is the only one that checks to see if i put anything on my page
but i still feel the need to make it exciting and special for ..... the parents!

i made this one for my desktop at home.
flake must hate the way i constantly change our desktop background, because i always have to move the icons around so they will not be over specific parts of pictures....
thanks mrs. g!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

blog stalking #1

this is my first installment on blog stalking

i've decided to give you a glimpse into the blogs i feel the need to stalk on a frequent basis
some are people i know, some....not so much
but their stories pull me in, and i feel the need to continue to go back to their page

(fyi: the blog titles....are clickable)
blog title: The Farr Family
author: Bobby and Brooke (however I think it could be just Brooke)
the goods:
i met brooke before she was a farr....

back when our lives revolved around discussing important things like.....
-why it is important to name a car
(some things never change)
-the movie toy story....and how much we loved woody :) (and how much we thought buzz was dumb) (again, somethings never change)
-chorus songs and dances
-who we thought was cool enough to be our friends......(ha!)
-debating on who was better .... big bird or marvin the martian (really.....)

I did my very best to influence brooke in the best ways possible.
i tried my best to teach her about how cool it would be to wear her clothes like I did
(for some reason it didn't work)

i tried my best to convince her that she needed to live closer to me
(for some reason it didn't work)

i tried my best to explain to her how awesome big bird was....
and how marvin the martian was a little off
(for some reason it didn't work)

eventually, i gave up, and decided to allow brooke to teach me

over the years, through her actions, brooke has taught me
what it means to be a true friend
what it means to stay connected
what it means to be genuine
what it means to be an awesome christian
what it means to have a good time
what it means to be a good wife
what it means to be a good teacher

i am, and will always be, forever grateful to brooke for all the life lessons she has taught me.
what excites me the most about her blog is that even though she is not in the same town as me, she allows me to be part of her family and her life through her blog.

i get to keep up with what her little ones are doing, and how a mommy, wife, teacher, christian handles it all!
(and she lets me make her headers too....which i think is so fun!!)

i hope you
enjoy her blog
as much as i do!

Saturday, October 25, 2008


I am... l. o. v.
I am Glad... it has turned into such a great day! :)
I think... flake and i will need to go see the leaves soon
I know... i need to be working on my assessment paperwork :(
I want... some one to clean my apartment ..... no matter how hard i try....its never clean with all the dust and pet hair
I have... so much to be thankful for :)
I wish ... this weekend was not going by so fast
I hate... when turbo makes the evil noises
I fear... being outside by myself at night
I feel... a little tired
I hear... something outside .... someone is moving into the next building over
I smell... nothing....totally stuffed up
I much longer it will take for my bride's maid dress to get here
I regret... not folding the laundry while it was hot
I love... hearing flake talk in his sleep :)
I Hope... i begin to be a better teacher to my little friends
I always... want love
I am not ... able to park the cars in the garage....
I believe... everything happens for a reason
I don't always... want to go to work in the morning
I win... mancala (i love that game)
I lose... phase ten every time we play, but it's fun (is that the right it's leah??)
I never... sleep with my feet tucked in
I listen... the popcorn song A LOT during the week, yesterday we heard it 5 times in a row...why?
I am scared of... when turbo and diesel "play"
I read... lots of blogs....and childrens books
I am happy about... a three day week ahead, with a rotation, fall festival, picture day, and party! :)

I love these faces

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

field trip

on wednesday morning
my friends and i got all bundled up and left for our very first field trip.
we were all so excited to be going to the farm-zoo-ranch-pumpkin patch that we needed to stop and take a picture before we left!

we boarded the bus for our long ride to

when we arrived,
we learned how to feed the animals
.....2 legs eat out of the bucket
.....4 legs eat out of your hand
.....buffalo and cow...drop food into their mouth
once we got on our wagon, we were off.....

this would be mrs. f practicing how to feed the animals....
or praying...

(apparently mrs. f didn't care for it too much...but it gave us all a good laugh)

(i have never smelled anything like that giraffe.....all i can say is was a life experience)

some of my friends were not so excited about the animals...
i was so very thankful that school bff was there for those friends :)

after the wagon ride,
and not nearly enough hand sanitizer
we were able to play on the
pirate ship playground
eat lunch
visit the petting zoo
and each of my friends got a pumpkin

we had a really good time
(not to mention a really good rest when we got back to school)

i wish every day was a field trip day!

Monday, October 20, 2008

gift (part 2)

ok so i feel that the whole "gift" thing was probably too much for you guys to handle
i must admit...
i'm still a little shocked by it
especially when i go into the bath room in the middle of the night and see the little gift staring back at me

but ....
especially one from the heart of the one you love
are always special
or is flake preparing me for when our kids bring home hand made gifts....
you know the ones that i'm supposed to act excited about...

either way
i'm confused as to what to do with this little face!
wouldn't you be too?!?!

flake told me i need it
and i assume since he gave it to me, i probably should act as if i appreciate it
at least for a day or two :)
school bff told me that it might be worth a lot of money
and if i throw it away, i might regret it one day
turbo apparently likes it....
because she has taken it upon herself to make it her now night time toy
dz brought it to me this evening,
maybe as a peace offering
maybe as a way to say....look, i like things (other than toothpaste) that i find on the bathroom counter

so what do you think?

Sunday, October 19, 2008

a gift ?!?!

on saturday morning
before flake and i left for his cyclocross* thing
he was busy outside getting the car ready for us to leave
being a guy...he likes that sort of thing
so i allow him time to pack and unpack and repack the car as many times as he would like
as long as i have blog stalking reading to do! :)

i was busy
stalking reading and not paying attention to the time or anything else for that matter when flake busted into the apartment.
and this is what happened next.....
lov: here
flake: where?
lov: on the computer
flake: what are you doing, myspacing? facebooking? blogging?
lov: no, nope, yeah....why
flake: i found something
lov: what?
flake: its special
lov: ok, tell me
flake: close your eyes
lov: no, tell me
flake: its a suprise
lov: NO tell me
flake: CLOSE YOUR EYES....and put out your hand
(doing as i was told....but really not wanting to....)
flake: guess what it is
lov: a rock?
flake: no, open your hand
looking down at my hand.....i saw this.....

looking back up....i saw....flake with the biggest smile on his face....then our conversation continued
flake: i found it
lov: is it a head?
flake: yeah, and i found it, and its for you
lov: why?
flake: cause i love you, don't you like it?!?!

all i can say is....
i'm a lucky girl! :)
i have my very own little head
given to me by my very own little flake
as you can imagine....
it isn't too often that i get such unique gifts
such a sweet boy he is! :)
and he is all mine! :)

(about the cyclocross thing....i'll give you my bestest interpretation another'll like it)

Friday, October 17, 2008

what to do, what to do?

its an age old debate
to make the bed or not
i've been on both sides of the fence
but for most of my adult life,
i have lived on the making the bed side of the fence
however i really don't have a bad day if the bed isn't made,
but i do so love to crawl into the bed at the end of the day (even if i think 6 pm is bed time) when it has been made.

when flake and i got married he came with 10 legs....
two of his own
four belonging to diesel (or dz as i refer to her)
and four belonging to the devil cat
all of these legs like to find their way into the bed.....
because of this, flake likes to have the bed made too, cause he thinks it keeps the pet hair off the sheets.

we have gone back and forth since that sweet day (all the way back in may!)
about making the bed....
if the bed gets made.....some days i make it, some days he makes it, usually its the one who gets up last
either way....

well over the past couple of weeks,
i have come home from work to this....

the evil one cat has figured out how to climb under the quilt to sleep.
for so many reasons this makes me mad
- i don't want her in my bed
- i am too scared to move her
- she doesn't listen to me when i ask her to move
- i don't want her in my bed
- she hisses at me when i try to get into the bed
- she gets hair all over my pillow
- i don't want her in my bed
- she leaves a warm spot in the bed
- she picks at the sheets while she is under the covers
- did i mention.....i just don't want her there!

so what i wonder, if i don't want her in the bed, should i just not make it?!?!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


so as a kindergarten teacher,
i spend my days with people who are around 3 feet tall
most of the times the things they come up with and do make me smile
(as long as all the chairs stay on the floor, and not go flying through the classroom)
i enjoy so much about the way that a 5 year old's mind works
i enjoy watching them learn
i enjoy hearing them try to say my name
(i've totally accepted the fact that my name is now mrs. boy)
i enjoy seeing them grow into good friends, especially my friends
i enjoy hearing them use their words
(if i could count how many times i day i say....use your words not your body to solve your problems...that would be a huge number!)
i enjoy seeing their faith in me and other adults
i enjoy getting hugs from them (but only after they ask first....its a rule in my class you have to ask before you touch someone's body)
i enjoy helping them solve problems
i enjoy watching them work (aka to most
and until last year,
i never thought that i would be able to teach kids who don't speak english
i learned last year,
i can do it!
its no different than teaching another child how to talk....
lots of labeling
picture finding

however, i somehow said...OK to helping teach the parent academy at my school.
i'm totally shocked...nervous.....confused.....anxious as to what i'm supposed to do to teach these parents, the same parents whose children speak no english :/
i know....developmentally....these parents don't need center time to figure things out....but when it comes to teaching, i'm totally that kind of teacher....i teach through centers.

i guess it will be a learning experience for me,
and i guess i will just have to find out as it happens
so here's to teaching people who are my height....or there abouts!
(no matter what language they may speak!)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

fun fun

picture survey

where i grew up:

but to be quite honest....
i did most of my growing up...
where this guy is from...

my age

where i live

ok, lets be honest, i don't live in this shell station, but it happens to be in the town i call home....
apparently it is one of a says the internet (ha)

favorite color

favorite treat

favorite vacation spot

anywhere with mountains and water will suit me just fine! :)

past loves

this is as close as i could get to albert j. wranger
i miss him

places i would like to travel

favorite animal

what am i doing right now

what is my job?