Sunday, October 19, 2008

a gift ?!?!

on saturday morning
before flake and i left for his cyclocross* thing
he was busy outside getting the car ready for us to leave
being a guy...he likes that sort of thing
so i allow him time to pack and unpack and repack the car as many times as he would like
as long as i have blog stalking reading to do! :)

i was busy
stalking reading and not paying attention to the time or anything else for that matter when flake busted into the apartment.
and this is what happened next.....
lov: here
flake: where?
lov: on the computer
flake: what are you doing, myspacing? facebooking? blogging?
lov: no, nope, yeah....why
flake: i found something
lov: what?
flake: its special
lov: ok, tell me
flake: close your eyes
lov: no, tell me
flake: its a suprise
lov: NO tell me
flake: CLOSE YOUR EYES....and put out your hand
(doing as i was told....but really not wanting to....)
flake: guess what it is
lov: a rock?
flake: no, open your hand
looking down at my hand.....i saw this.....

looking back up....i saw....flake with the biggest smile on his face....then our conversation continued
flake: i found it
lov: is it a head?
flake: yeah, and i found it, and its for you
lov: why?
flake: cause i love you, don't you like it?!?!

all i can say is....
i'm a lucky girl! :)
i have my very own little head
given to me by my very own little flake
as you can imagine....
it isn't too often that i get such unique gifts
such a sweet boy he is! :)
and he is all mine! :)

(about the cyclocross thing....i'll give you my bestest interpretation another'll like it)


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What?! I'm so confused and normally I can follow you easily! :)

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Baby Steps said...

I added a picture!