Saturday, October 3, 2009

Press .......

all i have to say....

this is awesome!!!

Monday, September 7, 2009


so when school started
and flake got home
all in the same day
i was one excited puppy!
it was a great day!
and i put all i had in that day!

and true to form
after spending days giving it my all
and spending those days with 24 five year-olds
who have yet to master the art of
not sharing their germs
i became one sick puppy!

it is what it is,
but i continued to try
and give it my all,
all the while,
wearing myself out
leaving myself
one tired puppy!

so, i feel the need to let you know
i'm busy trying to get my feet back on the ground
and while i wait for my
super hero puppy cape to be cleaned,
i'll be missing you, and your blogs

be looking for me....
and my cape to reappear....


Friday, September 4, 2009

she hit the floor

if you loved bon qui qui
or even if you didn't
this should make you laugh!
i know it made me laugh
a lot!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


if you have not ever met bon qui qui,
let me introduce her to you...

hope you laughed as hard as i do
each and every time i watch this!

if not,
i guess....i'll have to call securidy!

off to spend time with my flake!
love having him home!

Sunday, August 30, 2009


i've mentioned before
that i'm not big on

i'm completely ok with it

being that flake's plans have

he is already on his way home

and i'll sit here and
until i see him!
whenever that may be!

please pray for safe travels for him
and keep his job situation in your prayers too!


Saturday, August 29, 2009


i've not taken the time to sign into blogger
since last saturday
and when i signed in today
and saw this

i thought that was just a little overwhelming
and i just decided to hit the "mark all as read" button.
sorry that i'm not going to go back and catch up on all those post over the past week, all i know is that you were all very busy!


i love lazy days!


flake had his interview last tuesady.
he feels like it went well, but still has not heard anything.
(to be fair, he was told that he probably wouldn't hear anything before the end of the week.)
i'm ready to know!


i love bowling
but i'm horrible at it!

but seriously, can you see my excitement over a gutter ball?


thursday was a HARD day for me!
before flake came home again, i told him that i didn't think i could handle him leaving again.
and boy was i right
i cried like a baby when i took flake to the airport.
and by baby, i mean a blubbering idiot would couldn't catch her breath!
it wasn't pretty!


twizzlers, ahh, you are so good!


does anyone know how to put music on a blog?
someone asked me to help them do that, and i don't have a clue how to do it!


modern mom over at how to survive life in the suburbs
tagged me in a meme

Here are the rules of this one:
1. Collect the book that you have most handy
2. Turn to page 161
3. Find the 5th complete sentence
4. Site the sentence on your blog
5. Pass it on to 5 other blogger

due to the fact that i was slack this week
(and thank goodness for the option to schedule a post....)
i never got around to doing this....

so here you go modern mom
1. the book closest to me.....isn't a book i'm just happens to be close to me, cause that is where it lives in the apartment.
the book is A Parting Gift by ben Erickson
2. found it
3. .... ok
4. "He's fine"
(Aren't you glad you waited a week for that!!! haha!!)
5. passing it on to bloggers......
(these five people just commented on my last this is my way of saying THANKS!! and sending people over to you....)

jael custom designs


i'm not so sure how to feel about the fact
that one of my new friends at school told me
"i don't have to listen to you, i'm gansta"

umm...really, you aren't are five!


flake starts heading from texas on


happy weekend!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

oh i love this!

ever since i first saw the skinny jean
i have disliked it
probably because i knew, even as a child,
skinny jeans look stupid
on me.
on you.
on everyone.
but then again
i am reminded i am not the most fashionable person
by the fact that i would rather live in pajama pants
and a zip up hoodie.
i was so excited during the 90's when skin tight jeans
were just not cool
but to my utter disappointment
thanks to the gap
the skinny jeans came back
but thankfully,
there is now proof that the skinny jean is the work of the devil....
medical proof!!!
YAY!!! i love that!!!
so please, for your health, but more importantly, for me,
stop wearing the skinny jeans!!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

the first day

the classroom is ready

the teachers are ready

the centers have been tested by a sweet little face

and all is ready
for the 24 sweet friends
who will show up in my door way this morning,
the first day of kindergarten,
with bright eyes and anxious feelings.
we have met some of them
and we have prayed for all of them
and we are excited to get to know them!

and we want you to get to know them too!

this year, we will have a class blog
and i, along with my little friends, would love for you to read
and to comment on
all that we are learning in our little class
our first post should be up sometime around 3:00 this afternoon.

Monday, August 24, 2009


ahh, i love him!

pray for him tomorrow, as he interviews for a job....closer to home!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

be safe

back in december,
i came home from work
to tell flake that i had gotten him a present

now to be honest, i'm not good at being hush hush about
good surprises.
most people that know me IRL
(in real life....for those people like my mama who don't know bloggy shorthand)
can vouch for the fact that if i have a good surprise, like a gift, or exciting news,
i can't hold it in.
i just HAVE to tell (or give, show, etc)!!!
i hate waiting until christmas, birthdays, whatever days.....
i just can't stand it....

so ...... when i came home from work
and told flake i had gotten him a present,
he knew better than to ask me to keep it quiet until christmas
however.....he tried.
i told him, i wouldn't tell him what it was....
but i had to give him a hint.
(aka in l.o.v. language....i'm getting ready to cave!!)

so our conversation went something like this
but do remember....this took place 8 plus months ago....
l.o.v.: i got you something today
flake: a present?
l.o.v.: yeah, well, kind of
flake: kind of? well, don't tell me
l.o.v.: but
flake: please, i'd like to have at least one surprise
l.o.v.: fine, i won't tell you, about a hint?
flake: fine
l.o.v.: i got you something, but i don't want you to ever use it
flake: what?
l.o.v.: i got you something, but i don't want you to ever use it
flake: i heard you, but i didn't understand you
l.o.v.: really isn't a christmas present
flake: what? .... fine, just tell me
l.o.v.: yay! i got you accident insurance, but please don't ever use it!

yep.....that's right....i got the boy accident insurance!
to those of you who know flake IRL....
you know that accident insurance is probably one of the best gifts the boy could ever get!
(both of us actually!)
neither of us were given much grace,
and both of us find ways to get hurt,
but always have good stories to tell in the end!
so, as you can imagine, i was quite excited with my purchase!

fast forward to present day....
flake is making good safe choices....
(well at least he says he is....down in texas)
while LF, has put himself in some compromising situations....

so i wonder, do you think that the accident insurance will cover him if he gets hurt??

Saturday, August 22, 2009


happy, because it is saturday
happy, because i'll see you in two more days
happy, because you are who you are
happy, because i love you
happy, because you're precious
happy, because you make me smile
happy, because you're my best friend
happy, because i know you
happy, because you make me laugh
happy, because i'm thinking of you
happy, because god put you in my life
happy, because today is your BIRTHDAY!!

happy birthday flake!
i love you so much!
(i just wish i was with you today to help you celebrate......)

Friday, August 21, 2009


i found some more pictures of LF through the years

seems that he was quite busy
in lots of extracurricular activities!

(can you tell i had a little too much fun with yearbook yourself?)

Thursday, August 20, 2009


dear person who stole my phone,
you don't know me, but you know my phone.
actually you probably know me better than i know you, being that you have access to my phone call records, text messages, pictures, and calendar.
i don't have anything to hide, but it kind of bothers me that you know so much about me, and all i know about that you don't seem to be very smart.

i'm not saying i'm the smartest person in the world,
especially when it comes to stealing,
in fact i'm not sure i know how to steal at all,
but i do feel like you might need to know these few tips.

  • when you steal a phone, off the charger, you might want to take the charger too. eventually the phone's battery will die down, and then what will you do? it wasn't like the charger wasn't available to you, being that you had to physically unplug the phone from the charger.
  • when you steal a phone, it probably isn't smart to respond to text messages from people whose names are saved in the phone. those people actually know the person that owns the phone, and your sketchy ghetto talk comes across as "strange" to the person you might have texted. (example: dat blu 1)
  • when you steal a phone, maybe you shouldn't answer the phone when people call whose name and number are saved in the phone. being that they actually do know the person who you stole the phone from, and they might find it weird that someone answers the phone, and just makes noise. in fact those people might actually call back again.
  • speaking of people calling the phone back again, they are calling because they want to talk to the person that owns the phone. so, maybe, just maybe you shouldn't feel the need to call one of them back and ask a question like "why you keep calling this verizon phone?" and then don't follow that question up with "my sister done stole dis phone." really?!?! i'm pretty sure the person you just told that to, figured you didn't get the phone from the store!
  • and if you do choose to call a person back, who has been calling the phone which was stolen, next time, you might not want to call from an unblocked land line, that can be traced, being that it is attached to a physical address. even if you did make a choice to call from a home that wasn't yours, the person that let you into their house, to use their phone, actually knows you, and is willing to give your name to the police, after the police trace the number, find the address, and spend lots of time at the home of the phone which you chose to use to call said person back.

so, dear not so smart person who stole my phone from my classroom at school right off the charger,
i hope that you have learned a few things from this experience,
but if not, i hope these suggestions might help you a little bit.
and remember, you're awesome
at being a complete idiot!


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Laura Lane....Update!!

thank you so much for praying for miss laura lane.
her mommy posted a facebook note to update us all on what the doctor had to say.

    Hey everyone! Just got home from Duke.The doctor was amazing- not just because he gave us promising news but he spent a lot of time with us, showing us her MRI and explaining in great detail what was going on. I had never seen Laura's brain, never. So I was impressed that this doctor took the time to answer ALL of our questions and show us exactly what he was talking about.

    *** His conclusion was- no surgery. He said that Laura's ventricles are big but they have always been big. He also went on to explain that surgery at this time would be very dangerous, possibly causing her to need 2 shunts. Yeah I said it 2.
    He is very cautious about shunts.
    He also said... that she could just have a big head- he proceeded to look at Scott and say... like her dad :)
    He suggested that she see an eye doctor just to look into her eyes and to maybe have a spinal study to check out her back and see how her nerves are doing.He was very impressed with this 19lb 15 oz bundle of pure lovin that wowed him with her flirty and smily personality.
    His plan would be to have another MRI in 3 months keep monitoring her head and symptoms. He said that babies sometimes have extra fluid that they just grow into at about 18 months old (WOULDN'T THAT BE A COMPLETE MIRACLE??????)- he also explained that if she does end up needing it-maybe just the procedure where they go in and fix the ventricle. Once a shunt goes in- it never comes out. It could potentially be bad- constantly in surgery fixing it.

    Scott and I are actually going to cancel the surgery that is scheduled for next week and get a 3rd opinion. Take her to an eye doctor and discuss all of this with her pediatrician.

    Thank you all so much for prayers and positive thoughts. I feel like tonight I will finally be able to rest just a little easier:) Love you all-and I will keep you posted!

so, thank you! thank you for praying for laura lane,
but please please keep her in your prayers!
pray that the third opinion will be aligned with this second opinion,
as well as pray that LL stays shunt free....even after 18 months of age.
she is a precious girl,
and she continues to help others see how great our God is!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

keep praying

please don't forget to keep miss laura lane in your prayers!!
if you need a reminder of what is going on with LL,
or want specifics to talk to God about,
please go read this.

laura lane and her parents are heading to duke today to get a second opionion, so please keep them in your thoughts and prayers today and until we know for sure!!

thanks oh so much!!

Monday, August 17, 2009

because of

i was able to spend this past saturday with my nina
to help her celebrate her birthday!
it was great to see her
and the rest of our family
and just be together....
we all had a great time together

but as you guessed....



on another topic,
my bloggy friend, stephanie, over at because of love
gave me this sweet bloggy award

thanks so much stephanie!!!
it has been great getting to know you and your precious family through your sweet blog!!!

so to accept the award, i followed these rules....
The rules of the One Lovely Blog Award are: Accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award and her blog link. Pass the award to another blog that you've newly discovered. Remember to contact the blogger to let them know they have been chosen for this award.

i'm giving this blog award to my newest bloggy friend
amethyst moon over at life, music, laughter
not only is she super funny
but she ties all her post to music
and i LOVE that!!! :)
from the first post i read....i was HOOKED!!! :)

so go check out stephanie's blog
and amethyst moon's blog
and tell them i sent you by! :)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

through the years....

i've been looking at pictures of LF through the years....

it seems to me that the only thing that has changed about him
is his hair!

(don't you just love yearbook yourself?!?!)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

never to old to learn

i have always loved learning
but i've never been all that good at it
i do things a little differently
i always have
i do things in my own time
especially when it comes to learning
learning takes me lots of time
and lots of watching
and lots of hearing
and lots of observing
and lots and lots of doing

since flake left,
turbo has been trying very hard to teach me new things
she hasn't yet been successful with teaching me
-how to give her more food
-how to share the bed with her
-how to play with teeth
-how to pick your nails on most everything
-how to stay up all night long
-how to sleep all day long
-when it is ok to pet her
-that hissing noises and groaning noises are really not scary
i guess she will keep working on those things....
just like all my other teachers,
she will have to be patient with me
while i learn in my own time.

however, i'm quite shocked
that it only took me a mere
two months and two weeks to learn something new
especially from a cat....

turbo isn't all that bad
when she is sleeping!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


thank you for all the years of love,
all the words of wisdom,
all the moments of laughter,
and all the mittens a girl could ever want!!

to the most precious woman i know,
happy birthday!
i love you nina!

Monday, August 10, 2009

members only

i was never cool enough to have a members only jacket
but .... boy did i always want one
(ok, not really!)
so i guess i was never cool enough to be a member

but i am proud to say, i'm now a member of an even cooler group
a group that was the brain child of one of my friends
she thinks enough is enough, she is tired of hanging out with a box of cornflakes
so she started a coalition to bring my flake back home
and because of that.....a facebook group was born.

so, if you are on facebook, you should totally join!
maybe if flake sees how many people want him to come home
he will!
if not,
it makes me laugh to think how many people are tired of seeing the cornflake box!

Friday, August 7, 2009

what does that spell?


Out of sorts

all of those are feelings i have felt since last thursday
it was the day that my precious flake
was laid off after the company was no longer financially able to continue existing.

what does this mean for us now?
good question!
where do we go from here?
good question!
will he move home from texas?
good question!

at this point, we don't know

we do know that god is good,
and we will remain faithful
we are praying a lot
and need you to pray with us!


Thursday, August 6, 2009

out on the town!

as you know, LF loves to go out
and get his picture taken
he is kind of demanding
and insist on having his picture taken with everyone where ever we go!

last night, was no exception.
LF and i went to dinner with a bunch of friends

to help celebrate our friend, nicole's birthday.
(you know nicole, that is laura lane's mommy)

we had a great time spending the evening with friends
getting to see little laura lane
and about the great the great food at pf changs
and the wonderful cake from dewey's

and as you guessed, LF was most excited about his new hat!

**please keep praying for laura lane!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

sweet laura lane

last friday, when i rambled about random things, i asked you to keep my friend's daughter in your prayers.

well, today was the day that little Laura Lane went for her MRI.
i wanted you all to read the update that her mom, nicole, posted a little while ago

    Hey everyone. I thought that I would have really great news but unfortunately I don't. Laura Lane has surgery scheduled for a shunt Friday August 28th BUT WAIT there's more. The doctor is 95% sure that this surgery is going to happen. But I am leaning towards a miracle to happen.

    He has agreed to give us one last chance. The MRI showed that her ventricles did increase and have extra fluid but he doesn't feel as though he needs to do the surgery tomorrow. So he said that we come in the office on August 27th, have her head measured. No more tests, scans, pokes or prods. Just a head measurement. If the measurement goes off the chart she will have surgery the NEXT day. If she stays on the curve and her head stays in line with the curve the surgery WILL be CANCELED.

    So as of now, we won't know anything until the 27th. After that we are out of the woods or in the operating room. Please don't stop praying. This is a very very scary time and well as we all know from the previous measurement being WRONG lets just hope and pray that everything will stay inline. For those of you like me who likes to get specific in your prayers and talks with God, her head needs to stay between 44 and 45 CM. NO BIGGER.

    Thank you all again. Take this to church, prayer groups, copy and paste it to your wall, email, or whatever to get as many prayers as you can. Thank you all for loving Laura Lane. ;)
so, i ask you, please keep this precious baby in your prayers! please keep her parents in your prayers, and ask everyone you know to pray for her too!

Monday, August 3, 2009

happy day!

happy anniversary daddy and mama!!

flake and i love you!
(and little flake does too!)

Sunday, August 2, 2009


i spent last night at one of the best concerts i've seen this year,
it was the only concert i have seen this year,
but either way
it was GREAT!!
i had a blast, and loved each and every minute of it
but like most great moments in my life,
i learn a lot!

so while i was there
sitting in my lawn seat
(and speaking of, my ticket said that my seat was row 143 seat 476....umm, ok
and you know, i counted out blades of grass until i found that exact spot!)
i realized a few things that i probably should have known before

- some people must not have mirrors at home

- cowboy boots go with all different types of outfits

- for some reason, paying $10 to rent a chair you will not sit in during the concert is a great way to spend your money

- people enjoy public displays of affection, and might as well be kristina's neighbor

- people get really really bent out of shape when their beer is messed with, and will start a fight, even if their daughter is sitting on their shoulders....cause that is good parenting....right?!?!

-apparently you can dance like you are on a pole even to the song let her cry

-and if pole dancing isn't good enough for you, why not try for a "grinding" group dance?!?!

- people put blankets down, not to cover their sitting area, but to allow others a cleaner path to walk on

- paying $9 for a personal pizza (aka a slice of pizza) doesn't mean it will taste good

- there is no need to wait in line for a bathroom, when god put bushes on this earth

- no matter what, people are super cordial in a parking lot, and no one EVER gets out of their car to fight!

sorry for posting twice in one day, i know, i never do that....
but i guess i had a post scheduled for today, and didn't realized it before i posted this one....
it must be lack of sleep!!
so .....
if you read this one, go read the one below this one, cause you might have the answer to my questions!! :)


like i mentioned the other day
i've had a lot on my mind recently
a lot of random things
things that i just can't help but think about
things that i just would love to have answers for....
so i thought,
my bloggy friends might be able to help me...

--why do people put birds on the side of their house?

--why are there so many kinds of things (apples, soft drinks, cereals, palm trees, shampoos, toothpaste)?

--when was it ever "cool" to have your initial on your chimney....and exactly what are you supposed to do if you ever want to sell your house?

--how can a seedless watermelon be made, but no one has figured out how to make seedless lemon?

--who ever thought to use left over conditioner for shaving?

--why are greeting cards so expensive?

--why is it so hard to paint my toenails?

--who spends their time coming up with the facebook quizzes?

--who thought up putting a candle in your ear to get the wax out?

--why is it that i can read blogs all day long, but struggle to read a book?

--how did dr. phil make so much money, just by pushing the "if it isn't working .... don't do it" philosophy?

--am i the only person the finds a new box of crayola crayons super exciting?

--will i ever learn to get rid of the hair all over the place (mine, turbo's, diesel's)?

--why do people in texas call a drive up bank window a "motor bank"?

--what is the point of having coin dollars and paper dollars?

--why does blogger choose to put the html code for divides into some post, and not others?

--and speaking of html codes....who sat down and decided that computers needed their own language that only certain people would ever be able to understand fully?

--when people sign a year book, why do they put their phone number in it?

--did i ever really ride the school bus in kindergarten with a bunch of high school kids, or is that just a memory that i made up? (mama....can you answer that?!?!)

--why does reusing something bother me so much more when the wrong thing is put in them ... for example putting coke cans in a doctor pepper box?

--when god made cats (and by cats i mean turbo), did he do that with the intended purpose of annoying people (and by people i mean me), or was it to allow people (and by people i mean me) to experience hell on earth?

--why are there so many words that are pronounced the same, but spelled differently?

Friday, July 31, 2009

random thoughts

so it only took
60 days....
for me to cook a meal!!!!

i cooked for the first time since flake moved to texas
well, to be honest,
i cooked for the first time since flake and i got married....
but still! :)


my flake needs your prayers
and so do i
i can't really explain now (but boy don't i want to)
but just know that we are dumbfounded, confused, and frustrated
and we need your help to keep our heads above water
so PRAY!!!
(and as soon as i can, i'll update you on what is going on)


i'm not exactly sure why the president chose to drink beer with those two men
to be quite honest, i feel like drinking beer isn't the best choice
couldn't they have talked their problem out without alcohol?!?!
i personally have nothing against drinking
but i never ever drink and put it out there for impressionable people
what is this teaching the children in our country?
what is this saying to all the people who have had drinking problems in the past?


why has my nbc affiliate decided to pick regis and kelly up right in the middle of the today show? now don't get me wrong, i love regis and kelly, but it frustrates me when they just start the regis and kelly right in the middle of what is going and then drop back over to the today show. i feel like i've missed so much!


i love to text!!
i just wish that everyone i knew texted
why is it that some people are so against texting?


i love love love the last bankable day of the month!


a good friend of mine, needs your prayers for her daughter
her precious daughter is 5 months old.
the little one was born with spina bifida
and as you can imagine, has already gone through a lot in her little life
last friday, she went to the doctors and
her doctors told her mommy and daddy that she was looking great
and that she wouldn't need a shunt
and then the doctors realized they made a mistake
and want her to come in for another MRI on tuesday
the doctors are worried about the size of her head....
(but her head is in perfect proportion to the rest of her body)
please please please pray that the MRI says that she doesn't need the shunt
and that she is just a big baby!
a big PRECIOUS baby!!!


how can one little vitamin d pill a week
totally change my hair?
my hair used to be a little curly
but after i was prescribed vitamin d (for a deficiency)
my hair is so different and blah!


i'm sure i'll have more random thoughts soon
and as soon as i can fill you in on flake
i will!
until then PRAY!!!
and pray for the precious baby!


so yaya suggested that i link up to

Friday Fragments?

so i did!!
and if you have any random thoughts that you would like to link up to friday fragments
you should!!

Thursday, July 30, 2009


A good traveler has no fixed plans,
and is not intent on arriving.
~Lao Tzu

LF is a good traveler through and through
he loves to go
and he could care less where he goes
that is....
as long as he gets his picture taken!!

as you know
LF and i have been traveling

we stopped to see the bfarrs
and LF was almost as excited to see them as they were to see him....
but probably not as excited as i was to see them!

and then we headed to see mason and the other m's
to help mason celebrate his first birthday!
mason and uncle LF had a blast together.

mason showed uncle LF how to open a birthday present....

mason showed uncle LF how to dance....

mason showed uncle LF who gives
some of the best hugs and kisses....

and mason showed uncle LF that getting
your hands icky sticky isn't that bad.....

after mason's birthday party, LF stayed for a short visit
while i headed to texas to see the real FLAKE!!!


it was so good to see him,
but as you can imagine,

it was super hard to leave!
(but atleast i had a nice new necklace to make it a little easier!)

now i'm home,
hanging out with
the most precious puppy around
and catching up on lots of blog reading!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

the wandering man

as you know, LF and i went on a little trip
to visit one of my most favorite people

LF and i met robin at her store on thursday
where LF got to meet the newest serta sheep

(and yes, we brought a little 3/8 home too!)

after robin got off work, the three of us headed to her house,
where we played phase 10

as you can tell, brad found the entire game excitingly WILD
and thought that it was time to skip LF when his turn came.

i personally felt that wasn't fair,
so i decided to let LF play with their dogs

but when i realized that the dogs wanted to eat LF,
i decided against their play date
and put LF in the chair beside me

which made me feel a lot better than the alternative,
but ..... after i found this

i felt a lot better about the fact that the dogs were drooling over LF.

over the next few days,
LF spent most of his time relaxing
and doing some sightseeing

he found some sunflowers

went to one of my favorite restaurants

did some shopping

and spent time supporting a friend

LF was really excited that robin and i were
running (aka walking) the road race
so he helped us celebrate with a cookout

and more phase 10 with friends!

on the way back home,
LF and i stopped by to see my nina
where LF got one of the best hugs a boy could ask for

and got to spend some time with one of the sweetest girls i know

ahh.....i love this woman.....and LF isn't bad either!

what could be better than time with a great friend
getting to see the best nina in the world
it could only have been better if the real flake had been on the trip with me!

i apologize for the comment absence,
but LF and i are off again to visit the b farr's
and then off to see the 3 m's

and then i'm leaving LF to spend some time with the 3 m's
while i go to see the real flake!
woo hoo!! :)