Friday, July 31, 2009

random thoughts

so it only took
60 days....
for me to cook a meal!!!!

i cooked for the first time since flake moved to texas
well, to be honest,
i cooked for the first time since flake and i got married....
but still! :)


my flake needs your prayers
and so do i
i can't really explain now (but boy don't i want to)
but just know that we are dumbfounded, confused, and frustrated
and we need your help to keep our heads above water
so PRAY!!!
(and as soon as i can, i'll update you on what is going on)


i'm not exactly sure why the president chose to drink beer with those two men
to be quite honest, i feel like drinking beer isn't the best choice
couldn't they have talked their problem out without alcohol?!?!
i personally have nothing against drinking
but i never ever drink and put it out there for impressionable people
what is this teaching the children in our country?
what is this saying to all the people who have had drinking problems in the past?


why has my nbc affiliate decided to pick regis and kelly up right in the middle of the today show? now don't get me wrong, i love regis and kelly, but it frustrates me when they just start the regis and kelly right in the middle of what is going and then drop back over to the today show. i feel like i've missed so much!


i love to text!!
i just wish that everyone i knew texted
why is it that some people are so against texting?


i love love love the last bankable day of the month!


a good friend of mine, needs your prayers for her daughter
her precious daughter is 5 months old.
the little one was born with spina bifida
and as you can imagine, has already gone through a lot in her little life
last friday, she went to the doctors and
her doctors told her mommy and daddy that she was looking great
and that she wouldn't need a shunt
and then the doctors realized they made a mistake
and want her to come in for another MRI on tuesday
the doctors are worried about the size of her head....
(but her head is in perfect proportion to the rest of her body)
please please please pray that the MRI says that she doesn't need the shunt
and that she is just a big baby!
a big PRECIOUS baby!!!


how can one little vitamin d pill a week
totally change my hair?
my hair used to be a little curly
but after i was prescribed vitamin d (for a deficiency)
my hair is so different and blah!


i'm sure i'll have more random thoughts soon
and as soon as i can fill you in on flake
i will!
until then PRAY!!!
and pray for the precious baby!


so yaya suggested that i link up to

Friday Fragments?

so i did!!
and if you have any random thoughts that you would like to link up to friday fragments
you should!!

Thursday, July 30, 2009


A good traveler has no fixed plans,
and is not intent on arriving.
~Lao Tzu

LF is a good traveler through and through
he loves to go
and he could care less where he goes
that is....
as long as he gets his picture taken!!

as you know
LF and i have been traveling

we stopped to see the bfarrs
and LF was almost as excited to see them as they were to see him....
but probably not as excited as i was to see them!

and then we headed to see mason and the other m's
to help mason celebrate his first birthday!
mason and uncle LF had a blast together.

mason showed uncle LF how to open a birthday present....

mason showed uncle LF how to dance....

mason showed uncle LF who gives
some of the best hugs and kisses....

and mason showed uncle LF that getting
your hands icky sticky isn't that bad.....

after mason's birthday party, LF stayed for a short visit
while i headed to texas to see the real FLAKE!!!


it was so good to see him,
but as you can imagine,

it was super hard to leave!
(but atleast i had a nice new necklace to make it a little easier!)

now i'm home,
hanging out with
the most precious puppy around
and catching up on lots of blog reading!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

the wandering man

as you know, LF and i went on a little trip
to visit one of my most favorite people

LF and i met robin at her store on thursday
where LF got to meet the newest serta sheep

(and yes, we brought a little 3/8 home too!)

after robin got off work, the three of us headed to her house,
where we played phase 10

as you can tell, brad found the entire game excitingly WILD
and thought that it was time to skip LF when his turn came.

i personally felt that wasn't fair,
so i decided to let LF play with their dogs

but when i realized that the dogs wanted to eat LF,
i decided against their play date
and put LF in the chair beside me

which made me feel a lot better than the alternative,
but ..... after i found this

i felt a lot better about the fact that the dogs were drooling over LF.

over the next few days,
LF spent most of his time relaxing
and doing some sightseeing

he found some sunflowers

went to one of my favorite restaurants

did some shopping

and spent time supporting a friend

LF was really excited that robin and i were
running (aka walking) the road race
so he helped us celebrate with a cookout

and more phase 10 with friends!

on the way back home,
LF and i stopped by to see my nina
where LF got one of the best hugs a boy could ask for

and got to spend some time with one of the sweetest girls i know

ahh.....i love this woman.....and LF isn't bad either!

what could be better than time with a great friend
getting to see the best nina in the world
it could only have been better if the real flake had been on the trip with me!

i apologize for the comment absence,
but LF and i are off again to visit the b farr's
and then off to see the 3 m's

and then i'm leaving LF to spend some time with the 3 m's
while i go to see the real flake!
woo hoo!! :)

Friday, July 17, 2009

on the road

little flake and i hit the road for a visit with one of my most favorite people
but don't worry....
we remembered

safety first!

have a great weekend!
i'll be back ..... sometime soon! :)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

don't you think

i need this.......

don't you think??

i'm thinking i need a little cornelius for my desk at school

and that bag wouldn't go to waist either! :)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

my mama

have you ever wanted to meet my mom?
i'm sure you have?
you must have spent time thinking....
i wonder what l.o.v.'s mom is like?
i knew i could read your mind!

well, since she isn't a blogger,
i have thought of the perfect way that you could get to know her....
well.....kind of!

as much as these commercials don't have my mom in them....
i felt certain this would help you get to know her

each and every time i see one of those commercials, i just crack up
not only cause they are funny
but because i can totally see my mother doing this! :)
as much as i love her, sometimes you just want new minutes!!

now if i could just convince at&t to pay my mama to be in these commercials....
all will be good!

love you mama! :)

Sunday, July 12, 2009


i had this scheduled to post a few days ago, and then rescheduled it,
so i'm sorry if it showed up in your reader....

i wonder how much cooler we would all be if we had our own cornelius to take us on adventures!!

instead i'm trying to be cool by taking little flake and cornelius on adventures

i'm not so sure it is working....
but atleast we are having fun!!

Friday, July 10, 2009

i didn't vote for

ok, so i don't really care to talk about politics
but i just want to say
i didn't vote for change
especially this kind of change

the kind of change
the involves
me being here
and him being here

i'm having a hard day! :/
miss that boy

pray for us!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

just maybe

there are days
when i wake up
and think just maybe i'm not
the only one
who thinks things like this
are just so funny

ha ha!
what is a ho?

Monday, July 6, 2009


who would have thought....
that the airport could make me so happy one day
and only a few days later,
make me feel so sad and empty.....
strange, huh?

my flake left again today
to go back to texas
it broke my heart to watch him walk away from me
not that i would have expected any different
but still

it made my heart hurt so much more
when this song started as soon as i started to drive away

boo for feeling sad!

so by the time i got home
i decided i was done with being sad
(as you can imagine it didn't work all that well)
i spent time finding things to keep me busy, occupied, and happy

i looking at pictures from the time we had together over the weekend
i enjoyed thinking about all the fun we had
with each other, friends, and family

but when i was done....
it was still the same....
i miss him, a lot!
i guess i should be thankful that
i have this

to keep me company....

i said i should be!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

happy 4th

great food
playing cards
seeing flake
being silly
celebrating freedom

Thursday, July 2, 2009

look what i found....

isn't it amazing what you can find at an airport!?!?!

we're off to the mountains for a few days!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


so a few months back, flake and i got notice that we would recieve a new service in our apartment complex.
valet trash pickup

that's right....
valet trash pickup

at first i found the whole service stupid, flake did too,
like the dumpster wasn't close enough to the exit of the apartment complex to just toss stuff in, but no fear....we would never have to worry about that ever again.

so finding the flyer left me with a few questions....
how lazy are people that they can't take their own trash to the dumpster?

who in their right mind would ever use a service like that?

is the complex really using our rent money to pay for such a dumb service?

who would really rely on others to take their trash to the dumpster on a daily basis...

wanna know....
i totally never thought i would ever care so much for a black trashcan
that i just put outside my door
and the nice man who comes by every sunday through thursday night at 8pm on the dot
just to pick up my trash (and all my neighbors)
i heart that man
i heart that trashcan
i heart beign lazy
i heart valet trash pickup

(this isn't really the man i heart...
but the man i heart does have a bag just like that....
but his expressions are a little less excited than this man's)