Saturday, January 31, 2009


totally random....
but here is a run down of the numbers going through my head right now!

9-the number of days i have gone without signing into blogger....

2-the number of nights i begged flake to take me to bw3 for wings.....

6-the number of wings i finally got from bw3!

3-the number of days since having those wings....i have been wanting more! :)

7-the number of nights i have gotten home from ...where ever.....and gone straight to bed

1-the number of nights i got home this week before 9:00....which is just not ok!

1- the number of times i have talked to robbie in the past two weeks....really that is just not ok!

16-the number of groundhogs that looked for their shadows yesterday while we were at school.

16-the number or groundhogs that saw their shadows....and decided we needed 6 more weeks of winter...

28- the number of markers that my kiddos used to complete our science project

85-the number of minutes it took me to put the science project board together.....

70-the number of minutes i wasted while working on the board....on worrying about where things would go on the board.....
i wasted this time.....because i realized i did not want my kids board to look too good....
cause i don't want them to win.....because then they will need to present their findings....and i don't want that stress....for me....or them! :) ha!

3-the number of times turbo puked in the bed this week....seriously

2-the number of teams playing in the super bowl

0-the number of teams i care the super blow....basically because i love the game, not who is playing!

3-number of mornings i got up and went to the gym this week.....before work

10-number of times i have heard the run/walk podcast that i have been using for training....
i'm totally sick of the music....and i'm really ready for the next level! :)

6-the number of guided reading books that i made picture cards for today...with 6 pictures per book, and 6 sets of pictures for each book....which made for a lot of cutting and a lot of glue and a lot of index cards

7-the number of books i should be making the picture cards that makes for 6 more sets of six pictures each.

515-the number of minutes i spent in meetings this past week.....big improvement from the previous week....

4-the number of episodes of snapped i have watched today......

11-the number of times i have laughed out loud ..... because of snapped....
shouldn't this show....not be funny?!?!

17-the number of report cards that i finished....after working on them all weekend long....last weekend!

3-the number of times one of my kiddos at school stole something this week.....

3-the number of times the other kids told her that she was not being "trustworthy"

1-the number of blog buttons i made this week.....i do love making those buttons! :)

6-the number of times some random number called my phone...yesterday within a 5 minute time period.....why?

403-the number or entries you all have written....and my google reader has stored....since i last had the chance to log into blogger....

things i can't count......
the number of times i heard my name this week.....but said incorrectly! :)
the number of times i laughed.....
the number of times i reminded my kids at school of their rules at school.....
listen, learn, play and have fun.....we need to be nice, show respect....and smile!
the number of times i have said prayers for some special people who are needing things...or who were waiting on things this week.
the number of times i have felt overwhelmed by the new lesson plan format at school.
the number of things i'm blessed with
the number of times i've been thankful for everything i'm blessed with!

Thursday, January 22, 2009


i laugh a lot
mainly at the things that the kids at school say and do
today .....
was no exception to that rule

this afternoon
i caught one of my friends
with a marker in his mouth

i looked down at him and asked...
thinking i knew the answer to my question....
"what is all over your mouth? and your hand?"

he looked up and me ....and said....
(in the best napoleon dynamite voice i've ever heard....)

"duh, mrs. boy, it's pizza!"

Monday, January 19, 2009

"not me" monday

time again....for not me monday!

boy did i miss out last week when i didn't let you guys know what i totally did not do!
so, i will fill you in on what i did not do!

i did not laugh until i cried at the fact that one of my kiddos at school told me his nickname is rick james!
i did not wonder why the alvin and the chipmunks movie has all my kids singing bom-chicka-bow-wow!
i did not get completely frustrated at work....because of all the meetings
monday 7:15-8:10 (meeting with assistant principal), 11:35-3:35 (grade level 9 week planning) 3:45-5:00 (reading meeting) 5:30-7:30 (parent academy)
tuesday 12:40-1:25 (curriculum grade level meeting), 3:30-4:30 (grade level chair meeting with principal)
thursday 12:40-1:25 (grade level meeting)
friday 12:30-3:30 (grade level 3 week planning)
i did not laugh until i cried when one of my kiddos announced to me "mrs. boy, i don't smoke weed!"
and i for sure did not update my facebook status to let others know of his excitement!
i did not spend hours on the internet finding out information on bfar
and i did not laugh at flake's expression when he realized what i was reading about on the internet!
i did not sign up with the no boundaries program at fleet feet because it is designed for beginner runners and people that are currently inactive or minimally active. i am so not inactive or minimally active!
i did not get a new phone!
i did not spend hours playing with my new phone
i did not loose my new phone for all of saturday and most of sunday!
i did not love my date with flake on saturday to celebrate being married 8 months! :)
i did not worry about putting on my earrings for church yesterday morning
i did not laugh uncontrollably at the pictures in the digital picture frame at flake's gma's house....
i did not get really upset with dz when i found her messing in turbo's litter box last night....and i really did not get MAD at her when she nipped at me for pulling her away from it.
i did not wake up this morning completely excited that i did not have school today!
i did not check the weather like 87 times to see if the chance of snow had increased!
i did not make myself late for the eye doctor....because i was checking up on baby harper,
and i did not praise god for all the people who have been doing the same!
i did not get contacts for the first time today....and i did not wonder how people put them in their eyes every day....does it get easier?!?!
i did not come home and start working on report card stuff....and then realized that i did not need to be more organized before i start typing in the information
i did not watch the weather channel looking for the snow....and i did not check them county website over and over to see if school has been canceled for tomorrow....even though there is still no snow on the ground!
i did not ponder not posting this .....until that i could have more things to tell you that i did not do.... but as you can see....i did not go ahead and post this!

if you wanna join in on the fun
hop on over to mckmama's blog
for the complete rules and all the other people who are telling others what they did not do!

have fun....
not doing anything! :)

Sunday, January 18, 2009

friendship and awards

this weekend,
the rambler was sweet enough to give me the friendship award!
i love that! :)
i love friends, even more than i love awards!
to all of you who are sweet enough to read my blog....
here is the friendship award for you!

ahh .... awards....
goodness don't they just make me happy!
i sure do love seeing other blogs that have awards
i sure do love seeing my bloggy friends receive awards
i sure do love the ideas behind the awards
i sure do love receiving awards

so when i got my very first award, i was beside myself with excitement
so much so,
that i knew in that moment....
that i needed to start making my own awards .....
to gift to my bloggy friends
that way, my bloggy friends would know that not only do i love their blogs....
but they would know i really do care about what they say make them a thank you! :)

the l.o.v. awards....
(in the order that photobucket put them in the code)

the "your blog makes me smile, a smile worthy of a frame" award goes to....
brooke for all the stories and pictures of those precious babies!

the "cute as a button blog" award goes to....
randi for being so darn cute!
the "a+ blog" award goes to....
missy for persistence....she's only been blogging for a short while...but her post are fun and exciting!

the "proud to be a blog stalker" award goes to....
allison cause ....she is totally proud to be a me!

the "cloud 9 blog!" award goes to.....
the rambler for always making my thoughts wonder with your rambles!

the "you're so crafty" award goes to....
jenn cause she always comes up with cute things to do with her kiddos....and her friends

the "i can't stop hopping over to your blog!" award goes to....
j.a.m. for keeping me coming back for more!

the "thanks for the laugh" award goes to...
leah for always making me laugh .... (seriously, i'm still laughing about this post)

the "love" award goes to....
baby steps for making me fall more in love with my precious nephew through each post!
(..... hint hint!)

the "your blog makes me think" award goes to....
mrs. goodneedle (my m.i.l.) for always writing things that are though provoking....and reminding me daily...that life is good!
the "like omg i love your blog" award goes to....
danielle cause for real....i love your blog!

the "prince charming didn't look this good" award goes to....
aly for always having the perfect picture to help tell your story

the "i am stuck on your blog!" award goes to....
all of you!
and every one that i follow
cause seriously...
i'm totally stuck on all of your blogs!! are the rules....for the l.o.v. awards
take them....
and....share them
please take the one you were gifted
and any that you really just want!

and try to come up with your own awards!
it was totally fun!

AND don't forget to take the friendship award! :)

Saturday, January 17, 2009

prayers are needed

please join me in praying for baby harper
and her family

harper was born yesterday, with some serious health concerns
in less than 24 hours, because of prayer,
the doctor's serious concerns have started to look up.
through prayer, we can help make a difference for this little girl
and her family.
please pray for peace and understanding for her family
please pray for guidance and clear thoughts for her doctors
please pray for god's healing hand to touch harper

i know i can count on all of you! :)
the button is clickable to take you to her mama's blog

Thursday, January 15, 2009

gotta love blogging

so blogging makes me happy
for so many reasons
but my favorite reason for continuing to blog is simple....
real life friends....and my new bloggy friends
you guys keep me coming back time and time again!

one of my new bloggy friends
the rambler
was sweet enough to give me my second award!
thanks so much!!
i'm soooo excited!

and in the fashion of accepting awards...
there are rules...
so they are

First, choose a minimum of seven blogs that you find brilliant in content or design. Secondly, show the seven winners' names and links on your blog, and leave a comment informing them that they were prized with “Honest Scrap". Well, there’s no prize, but they can keep the nifty icon. Lastly, list at least ten honest things about yourself.

since i gladly accept the fact that someone thinks that i am...or my blog is .... brilliant....
i will totally follow those rules!

i'm gifting the award to these 7 bloggy friends
(fyi: i know none of these people personally....but i'm using this award to let them know how much i love their blog, and how much their stories inspire other words...i find them AND their blogs...BRILLIANT!)

check them out! :)

for the second part ..... 10 honest things about me....
  • i adore my relationship with god....but i strive daily for ways to improve it!
  • i love cold weather .... probably because i'm hot ... all the time!
  • my body's ability to regulate pretty much zero....
    which has resulted in pretty much all of the health issues that i have had (i.e. kidney stones & chronic kidney infections, constant migraines, gall stones (and eventually having my gall bladder removed) degernative disk disease, issues with healing (allison & danielle...remember my broken arm...) brittle bones/teeth, fibromyalgia)
  • i am a very picky eatter.....which i'm quite sure stems from the fact that i have texture issues with food .... and the reason i could eat the same thing for days on end with out getting sick of it
  • my side of the always the side closest to the when we go places.....i switch "my side" depending on where the bathroom is....poor flake...he'll get used to it one day! :)
  • i don't like to drive....well, actually, i don't mind driving, when no one else is around, but when other drivers get on the road....i get very very nervous....
    because of this....i find ways to get where i need to go, without having to get on the highway! :)
  • i can hold entire conversations in my sleep.....flake uses this as his party trick! :/
  • one of my dream vacations is to .... sesame place .....
    flake says we have to wait to have kids before we can go
    i think that is silly!
    for some reason he isn't for adults!
    seriously.....what is wrong with him?!?!
  • i am very particular about some things (i.e. how the clothes are hung in the closet, how my underwear is name a few), but could care less about other things (i.e. the bathroom drawers!)
  • i despise the taste of toothpaste....and because of that, i hate to brush my teeth at night...only cause i can't chew gum after i brush my teeth, like i do in the morning!
ok....that was hard!
(but the sad thing is....there is so much more i could say!)

thanks rambler,
and everyone....
for making blogging addicting and fun!

(for those precious bloggy "friends" that i gave this award don't have to gift it along, i just wanted you to know i love your blog!)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

that is NOT a choice

when i got home from work today....
i was quite excited to see my flake
and check my email
and kiss flake's precious face
and log onto blogger
and talk to flake
and blog stalk everyone....
that was....
until dz was nice enough to bring me her newest find

now a little background might be needed
ever since flake moved in...with dz and turbo in tow
(we're coming up on 8 months of being married...yay!)
i have been in constant shock at the difference i have seen in my life
granted it has only been 8 months....and i know i am in store for much much more!

learning that pop corn isn't always an acceptable dinner
or ice cream isn't always an acceptable breakfast
are two very huge adjustments that i am having to deal with

learning to share a bed with someone is hard
but learning to share a bed with someone, plus an animal
(either a cat or a dog....depending on the day)
is a whole different story

learning that turbo feels that i should follow her schedule ....
is a very hard struggle that i deal with every morning!
that cat feels that i should stop getting ready
to feed her
i say that eventually she will learn that i do things in my own time and order
flake says....she wont learn that...she is a cat, and cats demand things to be done in their time....
either way...

another hard thing that i have learned....
dz finds weird things to chew on....
and is too not so smart to hide the fact that she is chewing things....because she brings her "finds" to if to say...look what i found!!!
the dog loves to chew on any and all tissues or dryer sheets that she finds....
the dog loves to chew on plastic bottles
the dog loves to chew on a tube of tooth paste more than i can explain (and after having to induce vomiting this summer because of that....we now are quite sure to hide the toothpaste)
the dog loves to chew on hair brushes
knowing her obsession for chewing....
we make sure that she has at least one nylabone when ever she is out of her crate

so this afternoon, when i was checking my email
and on my way to blog staling....
dz was on the floor beside me chewing away....
i happened to hear the chewing and thought to myself....
that doesn't sound like her bone...
i looked down to see her looking oh so proud
to be chewing on her newest toy

she was oh so happy to have found whatever it was she was chewing on
at first i was like....
then i felt i needed to take a closer look.....

i began to get anxious
then nervous
then sad
then i started yelling ..... NO....NO
she was chewing on the earring box for my pearls....
and my pearls....had been in there....
but not any more!
i went from anxious, nervous, sad to FLIPPING out!
flake....heard me yelling and turned off the shower to figure out what was wrong....
i ran into the bathroom,
with the box in one hand
and only one earring in the other....
by the time he had gotten out of the shower....
i was beyond upset....
after finally finding the other earring
and finally calming down
i was able to realize that she didn't mean to upset me....
(but boy did she ever!)

*only after the earrings had been rescued did dz get the box back....for picture's sake! :)
and on another note....
flake told me over dinner that a few days ago, dz had brought him to earring box....empty....
(or so he thought)
and he just took it from her and put it back on the dresser.....
i guess the girl just wants some accessories! :)

Saturday, January 10, 2009


its ok to be random from time to time
and this is one of those times for me
random part 1
jam tagged me a few days back with a picture challenge.
the fourth picture in the fourth folder challenge
since i had already done that challenge a few weeks ago
see here
i tried to come up with a new way to complete the challenge for her
you know like 5th picture in the 5th folder...
or something
then i found myself looking through pictures....
and trying to figure out....why i shouldn't post them all....
i have so many favorite pictures......
i guess that is why they are all somewhere in a frame....
looking back at me daily
so i decided to post a few for you!

this is me and my best friend robbie
playing outside
on a hurricane day
(you know, its just like a snow day, except you are out of school because of a hurricane instead of snow!)
we had a blast that day! :)

this is me and the flake
sitting on the stoop outside my old apartment the day i graduated from uncg.
it was a great day
for oh so many reasons
either way, i adore this picture
i have it sitting on my desk at remind me of how special each god given day is

ahh what a great day!
getting married to my flake :)
surrounded by our loving family and friends....
what could make it any better than this?!?!
in my case...
it would be...having my daddy be the one who marries me and my love! :)

ahh relay for life
i was there with my team from school
and our theme was something to do with disney
but for some reason we had a lot of swimmy things
so i felt the need to wear the floaties
one problem
i couldn't put them on, when they were inflated
so flake decided to blow them up for me....once i had them on!
the reason i love this picture....
other than it is cute
is that my friend amanda told me...that by seeing this picture, she knew flake was the one for me! :)

fourth of july
before the fire works
at roaring gap country club
i still can't stop laughing
as all of us....
walked up to the club....
with our tarp
and our cooler of drinks
seeing the looks on all the "classy" people
who were dressed like they were going out for a night on the town
with their fancy table to sit at
:) it was completely awesome!

i could totally look for pictures for days! :)
thanks jam for letting me share memories with all of you!

random part 2....
the other day i posted .... would you rather
i loved reading all your responses!
:) they were so great!
baby steps asked what my answers were....
so .....
here they are
would you rather eat leftovers or eat a school lunch?
leftovers.....but if i got my choice i would eat pb&j ever day! :)

would you rather use the kiddie bathroom in the classroom or hold it?
hold it.....
as much as my urologist would hate to hear that....
i hold my pee until 1:05 every day.....
unless it is a "stone passing" day....
then i go like 30 times a day! :)

would you rather tie shoes or blow a nose?
99% of the time ...... i don't do either!
for shoes....i say....ask a friend to help you
for noses....i'll coach them through it....but the only time i help hold the tissue is if they are having a bloody nose....

would you rather use liquid glue or glue sticks?
personally i think it depends on the project at hand....
but when it comes to the kids....
i want them to use liquid glue.....just so they learn the concept
but ..... i do give them a choice from time to time .... depending on the project! :)

would you rather sit in a little chair or on the floor?
either is fine
it depends on what they are doing
i sit in the chair if we are all at a table
or on the floor when we are working in a group
i don't care either way
however i find it very funny when parents come in to talk to me, and i have them sit in a little chair....
most of the time they look at me like i'm dumb!

would you rather put things away the right way or allow the kids to do their best?
i let the kids do it all the time, i mean, if they made the mess, they clean it up...right??
about once a month, i pick a specific center to go into .... and will talk to them about how we should clean it up the right way....
but other than that....i let them do it
and .... for the most part....they clean things up the way i would like, because of a lot of modeling on my part at the beginning of the year! :)

random part 3
thanks to the rambler
for teaching me how to make a button

<a href="" target="_blank"><img border="0" alt="Photobucket" src=""/></a> your job
take it!
put it on your blog!
and if you have one ..... tell me so i can steal it for my blog!
and if you don't have one.... tell me, and if you need help making one.....i'll do what i can to help you make one or make one for you! :)
if you get a button,
tell all your friends to grab it,
and to make one too!
its fun!

random part 4
i said a few post back that i wanted to make my own blog awards
i've been busy doing this!
but now, i want you all to have them.... all!
but i really have decided that maybe it would mean more if each of you got your very own! :)
so today i'm going to gift just one
to hannes
who is a guest blogger on mrs. g's blog from time to time....

cause hannes, you're the reason dogger and blogger rhyme! :)

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

would you rather?

it is that time again
would you rather wednesday.....

these are the questions on my mind these that school is back in
and these are questions that i ask myself....and my assistant daily

would you rather eat leftovers or eat a school lunch?

would you rather use the kiddie bathroom in the classroom or hold it?

would you rather tie shoes or blow a nose?

would you rather use liquid glue or glue sticks?

would you rather sit in a little chair or on the floor?

would you rather put things away the right way or allow the kids to do their best?

try to remember....
in the kindergarten world
these are all very valid
and important questions!
so i'm expecting brooke to answer all of these! :)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

blog stalking #7

title: blog stalkers unite
author: the blog stalker
the goods: the blog stalker decided to start this blog as another great way to connect with other bloggers, and her main goal was to get comment love!
and why not?
who doesn't love getting comments on their blog
i know i love it!
especially from unexpected people (aka new stalkers)
cause we all know when you click on a profile, you not only go to that blog, but pretty much every blog that person's blog has links for....
so....comment make the blogging world go round....and round! :)
so i'm gonna do my sending you all over there....
to keep the world going round! :)
(while you are there....don't forget to sign up....and grab a widgit for your blog!)
happy blog stalking!

Monday, January 5, 2009

"not me!" monday

through blogstalking
i've come across this awesome way to blog!
i found it on mckmama's blog write a blog
telling everything you did during the day
(or past week....or whatever)
but write it in a way that says....
"no, not me...i didn't do that!!"
go here to get the complete "rules"'s to my first...."not me!" monday!!

-i did not wake up at an ungodly hour
-i did not spend 2 hours on the internet wasting time, when i should have been getting ready for work
-i did not get totally worked up over the email from my principal stating that starting second semester many changes will be made with the school wide master schedule....and on top of that i for sure did not get worked into a frenzy thinking how to follow the new schedule without upsetting the routine one of my kiddos thrives on
-i did not mess with flake until he woke up
-i did not "forget" to feed the cat
-i did not spend more time picking out my mismatched socks than i did on my hair and picking out the rest of my outfit!
-i did not feel scared to walk to my car...because it was still dark
-i did not feel rushed as soon as i got in the car
-i did not get it was the first day of school all over again
-i did not get to school and panic because i should not have spent so much time on the internet this morning
-i did not totally waste time in the office with i do every "school day"
-i did not freak as soon as i got back to my class....because i should have not spent so much time on the internet or talking to norma
-i did not greet each one of my little friends with a huge smile on my face....and i totally did not feel excited to see each of them, or hug each of them
-i did not let my excitement wear off as soon as the bell rang, because i was overwhelmed
-i did not totally want to start over the day 10 times, because my friends had forgotten all their school expectations
-i did not forget to write the morning message....and i totally did not turn it into a learning experience...and have the kiddos help me write it
-i did not forget to change the calendar....and again, use the whole changing of the calendar (new month, new year, new season etc) as a learning experience
-i did not act out each "job" before literacy centers....and for sure i did not ask...."Are you making a good choice?" during centers to each and every child like 12 times
-i did not say "walk away" less than 100 times during small reading groups
-i did not say..."this is not a bathroom time" all during whole group
-i did not dread math centers....after the whole literacy center fiasco
-i did not almost forget to get lunch at 10:45 for one of my friends who was leaving early....
-i did not make it though the morning and for sure i did not feel like the kids were doing a great job...oh and i did not want to jump for joy when lunch time came!
-i did not decide it would be better to stay in my room during lunch, to "wait" for the van to pick up the friend who was leaving early.....and for sure i did not stay in my room after he left, and then pretended that he had just gone when the kids got back....
-i did not forget to send a friend for his medicine after lunch....thank god he remembered!
-i did not put my head on my desk while my kiddos were in specials
-i did not pick my kids up from specials a minute or two late because i was talking to my special friend's new friend who will come every afternoon to work with him .... until! (god bless her!)
-i did not enjoy every moment of packing up time, recess, and learning (aka play) centers
-i did not dread dismissal.....however, i did not allow my special friend's new friend to work through this process with him, while i did not worry about the other 18 kiddos who are entrusted in my care!
-i did not drag my feet to my staff meeting.....
-i did not write this entire list in my staff meeting, which happened to not last until 5:00
-i did not doodle, text, and do all sorts of other things that i would totally get in trouble for if i was not able to totally multi-task
-i did not day dream about dinner
-i did not post this while i was waiting for the parents to come for parent academy
-and....i will not crash like nothing else when i finally get home....after being at school for 13 hours straight hours today

last....i totally, for sure, did not enjoy this one bit
so much so that i totally, for sure, will not ever do it again
especially next monday!
nope, not me!

Friday, January 2, 2009

the votes are in

flake and i had been wondering
ever since july 07
when i moved into my first apartment in this complex
but after many tallied votes
and after much speculation
we live in the ghetto!

we had an idea when the "gates" would be broken
and they were broken by people running into them because they were too lazy to punch in the code

we had an idea when people were too lazy to open the dumpster door....and would just dump their trash right beside the dumpster

we had an idea when we found loads of stuff outside of our apartment....because someone had gotten upset with their significant other ....that is when i got the gift

we had an idea when the peewee football field directly behind our building was playing soljaboy over their pa system

but we found out for sure when flake had to call the cops because three teenagers were outside....our window....fighting

ahh! the joy of apartment living! :)

Thursday, January 1, 2009

would you rather wednesday

would you rather wednesday....
a day late
but hey....that's ok! :)

would you rather go on a dinner date with barry manilow (and his response to everything would be singing the song....Copacabana) or napoleon dynamite (and his response to everything would be saying "gosh!")?

would you rather make a new years resolution (and be forced to keep it) or get a fruit cake for christmas (and be forced to eat it!)?