Thursday, January 1, 2009

would you rather wednesday

would you rather wednesday....
a day late
but hey....that's ok! :)

would you rather go on a dinner date with barry manilow (and his response to everything would be singing the song....Copacabana) or napoleon dynamite (and his response to everything would be saying "gosh!")?

would you rather make a new years resolution (and be forced to keep it) or get a fruit cake for christmas (and be forced to eat it!)?


kel said...

I would pick the fruitcake... I can never stick to resolutions.. and really, can it be that bad? It has booze in it, right?

And I would pick Napolean.. cause he is just plain awesome... and maybe he could show me his llama, Tina, afterwards??

Jenners said...

#1: Napoleon Dynamite.
#2: Fruitcake. At least it can be over in a day.

Allison Bernauer said...

Run 3 miles??? I couldn't even run 3 minutes!! ha ha

Mrs. Goodneedle said...


the RaMbLeR said...

Oh man!

I have to go with least he could make me laugh! I love to laugh!

Hmmm....the fruitcake you could surely choke down at least within a week, right? A year is a LONG time for a resolution...although I met mine from 2008! There's the trick... set a resolution low enough you can meet it. I'll take door number 2.

Danielle Banks said...

1. Napoleon
2. I would have to go with the resolution because I do not care for fruit cake. A little accountability never killed anyone, right.