Monday, June 29, 2009


jam tagged me in a picture tag challenge

and oh boy do i ever love the picture challenges

i was so super excited ....
but then i realized that i had not moved any of my pictures over from the my old computer to my new laptop (that my flake gave me as a going away present!)
i thought long and hard about how i could get the pictures from the old computer to this computer....
to be quite honest it seemed a little too much work for me
so i thought about not doing the challenge...
but really is that possible?
could i just pass up a picture challenge?
ever since the first time i did a picture challenge
i can't get enough of them....
(not to mention the last time...that i tweaked the challenge a little bit)
i just love these picture challenges
because i love pictures
and the memories they bring back
so i just had to do it!

so i thought one more time about how to get my picture files and then i remembered...
i went to my snapfish account and did the challenge using those folder huh?

i was even more excited that jam had two photo challenges in the same post,
so i got do to the same! :)

first folder, tenth picture

that is robin .... and norman kellum's head
i was down visiting robin a few years ago,
there was a big storm, which blew mr. kellum's head off his billboard.
robin's store is right beside the billboard and his head was in the parking lot when we got to her store the morning after the storm.
too funny!

sixth folder, sixth picture

that would be me
with a kid's football helmet on
at an
ecu football game
one of my friends bet that i wouldn't wear the helmet to the game
so you know i had to wear it, and wear it with pride!

thanks jam for tagging me in this picture challenge!

i'm tagging who ever wants to take the challenge on,
just leave me a comment to let me know you are doing it,
so i can come over and look at your pictures too! :)

Friday, June 26, 2009


i know this is old....

but i totally can't stop laughing at that!!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

spoiled rotten

i realized
after seeing these two pictures
that flake has spoiled these two girls rotten

i sure do hope this means there is hope for me!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

bigger in texas

i'm sure you have heard the saying
everything is bigger in texas

i'm not so sure i believe that statement
after seeing the trees and deer while i was in texas

but i can say, without a doubt
that somethings are bigger in texas

i'm quite sure this is the biggest leprechaun that texas has ever seen


Friday, June 19, 2009

about me

so the other day
i asked for help
to rewrite my about me section
and i took your advice
and mixed it together
came up with that

thanks again for giving me ideas!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

and days go by

And days go by
I can feel 'em flyin'
Like a hand out the window in the wind.
The cars go by...
Yeah it's all we've been given,
So you better start livin' right now
'Cause days go by...

*Days go by--Keith Urban
and the days certainly have gone by
since the last time i posted...

on wednesday
my little friends and i went to a play
in a big kid class (aka second grade)
the big kids had worked really hard
on learning their lines
making costumes
and props
and background for their own production of
jack and the beanstalk
my little friends had the most fun watching the big kids
act out the story of jack and those magic beans.
after school, i went and got my hair cut
not a big deal to most people...but for some strange reason i just don't like getting my hair cut
but when i got home and little flake approved....

i was excited about my new cut!

on thursday....
my little friends had field day...
i was totally excited
i love field day
we all had matching shirts....

and we were ready to go
we talked about our expectations for the day
and we talked about all the fun we were going to have

the day was so very nice
overcast and cool
which made for being outside so very nice....

16 stations full of fun and enjoyment
we started at station 12
and made our way around
when we got to station 14
one of my little friends made a not so nice choice...
he decided to choke a friend
leaving me to think
really?!?! did i just see that with my eyes?!?!
sad...but true...
i asked him what his punishment should be...
he said
"be done with fun"
and that is exactly what he did

so there he sat...being done with the fun.....sitting beside me (also having no fun), and watching the rest of our friends enjoy field day

that was....until we got around to station 9
and all my little friends lost it
for some reason my entire class got in a fight over a ball...
and that is when i decided my little friends were done
my assistant and i marched all our friends around the track and back inside.
and we rested our bodies until we could make good choices again
oh choices
after school....i got to go out to dinner with some great friends and celebrate the end of the school year! yay!!

on friday
some school friends and i met for breakfast at ihop before our last day. one of our friends was we needed one more time out with her before she left :(

then we had the joy of going to school
one more time
and my little friends had the joy of being kindergartners .... one more time...
this day was exciting in so many ways
but most of all
because mr. caterpillar
the one who my little friends have watched grow and learn each and every school day

went from simply a caterpillar
to a big beautiful butterfly
each day we have added a number to mr. caterpillar
and watched him make his way around our room
we used mr. caterpillar for so many things when it came to learning
he helped us learn our numbers
he helped us learn about patterns
he helped us learn to skip count (by 2's and 5's and 10's)
he helped us learn about how living creatures change and grow
we just love mr. caterpillar....
but my little friends loved his new form just as much!
we were all so excited to see mr. caterpillar become mr. butterfly
that we had to show our friends from next door too
they were super excited too!!

after mr. caterpillar became mr. butterfly
my little friends helped to take all the tape off of mr. caterpillar
and then we put his numbers in order from 1 to 180
fun for them
help for me
....all of us benefited from the activity!

after all our fun with mr. caterpillar,
we had a lot of fun playing outside
and eating ice cream
and just taking in our last moments as kindergartners
and as soon as the bell rang....
the kids
and their teacher
were OUT THE DOOR!!!

after school, i met one of my bestest friends for dinner, who also is a teacher, and we had a blast talking all about how our year had gone, and how thankful we were that the year was over :)
yay for dinner and friends!

on saturday morning
i headed to the airpot (at 4:05 am)
to fly to texas to see flake
it was so exciting to see his precious face!!
we had lot of fun on saturday driving around his new home town
looking at new things
and just talking
and being together

:) i sure had missed him!

on sunday we got up....looking for something to do
a little too late to find a church
so we decided to rent a jetski and head out on the lake
we had so much fun
the best part for me was seeing the cows by and in the water

i have never seen a cow even close to water....
so i just couldn't get enough of how cute they were in the water
flake couldn't get enough of the real estate on the lake

neither of us could get enough of being together

and just having a blast!

i also got the joy of meeting his landlord
all i can say is that he is an interesting man
and by interesting i mean
annoying and weird
but .... to each their own

on the way home from dinner.....
we saw an armadillo
flake had been told that he would never see one alive in texas....
and i made it my mission to find one alive....
and was so super excited that we found one only days after he moved down!
sadly....i didn't have my camera with me
and have no proof....other than we both saw it

on monday
flake had to go to work
which didn't make me all to happy
being that i was left to find something to do
i did have a job of finding him a cleaners
and meeting him for lunch
i did both of those things
as well as explored around his new town
i didn't find very much that was exciting to tell him about
not for lack of trying
but for lack of exciting things to show him
it makes me a little sad
that he has moved to a place that has no target or radio stations....
but i too will adapt
after he got off work, we had another great night of being together....
we went out to eat and went and looked at the cutest little house
and when we got back to his new home
i got my stuff together to leave the next day

on tuesday
i took flake to work
and went back to his new home
and got ready very slowly (aka i texted with a few friends for about two hours, before i got ready)
after getting ready, i headed to the store and printed a picture for flake
to keep on his desk
and then i went to his work.
i met all the great people that he is working with,
and then hung out with him until it was time to leave for the airport
my heart broke a little when he dropped me off, and then headed to a meeting he had scheduled in austin
i had plenty of time (while waiting for my delayed flight) to think about how lucky i was to have spent such a great weekend with him
and that i will again see him in only two weeks
and that these days are flying by
like a hand out the window in the wind

Monday, June 8, 2009

i need your help

i need help with ......

rewriting that....
my about me section
i'm l.o.v.
i do live in nc
without my sweet boy flake (aka my husband)
who officially lives in texas....with an address and all
without a dog named diesel...who now is staying with flake's parents because i
still live with a cat named turbo (and i can't handle their "playing")
i spend my days with 5 year olds...and still learn most of life's lessons from them, however summer is just around the corner (4 more days!!!!!!) ...and i wish not to spend any days with those little friends for a few weeks :)
and i still and always will love the lord with all my heart and praise him daily from being able to be his child!
and i'm still up for being asking me questions....

so do you think you can help??

oh and happy 100th post!

Saturday, June 6, 2009


this past tuesday
i went to the doctor
because my foot
had been hurting
since the previous wednesday
the same foot
that 13 years before
i had broken during a chorus show
while singing, and dancing,
to this song

as you can imagine...
it was not only amazing but also awesome and way cool (not to mention FUNNY that i actually hurt myself!)

so last wednesday morning....
i put both my feet on the floor, stretched my body, and then went to stand up...
and then it hit me
my foot hurt
it hurt in the same way
that i remember my foot hurting on that night so many years ago....
but....what ever...
i realized that not only did i have to get over it but that it would get better and i wouldn't even think about it in an hour....
so off i went, i got ready, i went on with my day...and thought it would fix itself once i got going...

it did not,
but in fact....
it hurt each and every time i put pressure on it....each and every time i took a step....
and seemed to get worse
so i went on with thursday
still hurting
friday...still hurting
saturday....still hurting
sunday....still hurting
monday...still hurting
tuesday....still hurting...
thankfully i had a doctor's appointment for some blood work that afternoon, and i got them to take a look at my foot. before i even saw the doctor, they went ahead and did some xrays...then moved me to a room
i sat....and sat....
and then the doctor came in with the good and bad news
she said....well
it is not broken but is fractured and you have a sprain
then she asked what had happened...
to be quiet honest
i don't know
so i'm assuming....
i fractured it while running one day....
the same day that i fell while i was running
my hip hurt that day
and my ankle did....but nothing more than my hip
but enough that i must have been protecting it while walking....
resulting in a sprain
it just makes me laugh!

so as i sit here today....
the first day i have been able to just sit...
and put my foot up....and do NOTHING
i've had time to makes me realize that my ankle
is just like my heart right now
it is not broken but is fractured and is hurting being away from my flake
i miss him
i am happy for him...yet
i am sad to be away from him
i am excited for him and all his new experiences....yet
i am frustrated that he is experiencing texas with out me
i realize that all of this is a test & a gift from God
we will work hard to pass this test,
the whole being away from each other will continue to not be the easiest,
but we realize this will benefit us and make us stronger in so many ways.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

tattle tale

there came a day when i had heard
my little friends tattle tale one to many times
that was the day that the tattle tale box was introduced into my class.

the same day i introduced the box, i explained to my little friends that for the tattle tale box to work, my little friends must write down who did it, what they did, and their own name.

so....for the next few days....most of the notes looked like this...

some of the it
most of the kids....well....didn't get it...

so after a few days of some of my kids doing what they could to convey the meanings of their tattle tales (and totally struggling), i suggested that they could draw pictures of the problem, but i still needed names.....

which left me with these.....

now my only problem
is trying to figure out.....
exactly what the person did?!?!

so what do you think???

what on earth did this person do???
my assistant said....someone got upset because someone else passed gas!

and.....did someone tattle on me??

and if so...what did i do???

Monday, June 1, 2009

bad and good

the bad news

its official
my flake left this morning

he got a call on friday afternoon that changed his plans
which allowed him to stay here until this morning
which i am ever so grateful for
but it sure was hard to let him go
and you can imagine
my breakfast wasn't as sweet
without my cornflake!

he is heading to pittsburgh
and then after some work there
he will officially head to texas....
so for the next week or so,
his life will continue to be up in the air
god bless his heart
(and mine too)

the good news

so these are the things making me smile today....
i got to see flake for two days more than i was supposed to!!

i got to kiss flake good morning one more time before he left!!!

only 9 more school days

diesel is spending time with her grandparents (flake's parents)
and enjoying herself and all her outside time

going to see church at my daddy's church yesterday, and getting to see my parents
then...dinner with flake's parents and grandmother
:) it was a great day!!

my little friends at school are ecstatic about mr. caterpillar becoming a butterfly
(i've got pictures coming of mr. caterpillar, and his cocoon.....)

my bulletin boards at school look SOOOOO good, thanks to flake's mom....
and yes mrs. g, they noticed!!! :)

my new laptop (from my sweet flake) is super duper exciting!!!

i found (and bought) my size, and color.....even though the croc company has stopped making the kind i like :) yay!!

and....if all goes well, i get to see flake in 11 more days!! :)

(and how could i forget....spell check....without it, this post would be really sad!!!)