Tuesday, November 30, 2010

a cookie would be nice!

have you ever had a day that some how followed the tune to
if you give a mouse a cookie
you know....
things just keep spiraling off of each other
and before you know it, you are in so over your head....
you aren't sure where to go!

well today is my if you give a mouse a cookie day

case in point....
if you say you're thirsty.....they boy will ask if you want a drink.
if you say yes....the boy will go get you some water.
if the boy goes to get water....something might happen to fall.
if something falls.....something else will break.
if something falls and breaks....if will end up hitting the boy's foot and the floor.
if something breaks when hitting the floor....glass will probably be on the floor.
if glass is on the floor....you'll probably step on it.
if you step on glass....it will probably get stuck in your foot.
if glass get stuck in your foot....you will bleed.
if your foot bleeds....it will get all over the floor.
if blood gets all over the floor.....you will need to mop.
if you begin to mop....the floor will be wet.
if the floor is wet...and you aren't careful, you will fall!

all the while....a very unhappy baby is screaming!

now, if only i had a cookie!

Friday, November 26, 2010

point made

last week, i was excited to pack up my maternity clothes.
i didn't have the easiest of time being pregnant....
so getting these clothes (or the reminder of being pregnant) out of my closet, and out of the house was very welcomed!

i asked flake to take the tote out to the shed.
he made sure he labeled it for me before he took it out.

wait....what is that?!?!

point made
....and heard loud and clear! :)

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

proud to be an american

i can think of no better way
to say "i'm proud to be an american"
than to have each one of these

i mean really....
if this doesn't show pride,
what does?

Friday, November 19, 2010


september 23, 2010
that was the last day i got up,
got dressed
and drove to work

i have not worked since that day

i was written out of work
due to some complications in my pregnancy
not bad complications
but more....annoying complications

it has been 8 weeks since i got up
got dressed
and drove to work
and i can honestly say
i'm missing my little school friends
i miss their sweet voices
their imaginations
their sweet hugs
but i'm super thankful that i am here with my new little friend
my buddy
my pickle!

because i was missing my little friends
i stopped by school this week
i was so excited to introduce my little pickle to my school friends

and they were excited to meet him too! :)

Monday, November 15, 2010

12 days

12 days ago.....
i was sitting in a hospital bed

12 days ago.....
i was not feeling so well

12 days ago.....
i, in fact, was miserable.....

12 days ago.....
i was trying to stay positive

12 days ago.....
i was wondering when my life would change

12 days ago.....
i was trying to watch movies to pass the time

12 days ago.....
i was ignoring my phone with each coming text message, phone call, or facebook post

12 days ago.....
at 4:30ish, the decision was made

12 days ago.....
at 5:25p.m.
this little man came into my life

12 days ago.....
my dreams came true, my life changed, and i couldn't have been more thankful!