Tuesday, December 30, 2008

blog stalking #6

blog title: jam's own reality
author: J.A.M. (just a mom)
the goods: jam found me through batw
i don't know her
(in real life)
but as soon as she left a comment on my page
i went to hers
and became attached to her blog!
i love it!
on a daily basis,
she makes me smile
and laugh!
you can tell through her blog that she is an adoring wife and mom
and she blogs about the people that mean the most to her
and i must say that even though i don't know jam,
i feel like i get to know her more each day
and i thank her for letting me into her life!

the other day.....i was quite excited to receive my first blog award from jam
she gave such a great reason to gift the award to the bloggers she did....
her only rule....was to pass the award onto others...
i'm passing the award onto blogger friends
who make me smile
that....is my rule!
so i'm giving this sweet award to....

mrs. g

thank you all for continuing to make me a happy blog stalker!
and thank you jam....for thinking of me, and giving to me!

ive decided to come up with special awards of my own
it would be fun!
so be looking for that!

happy blog stalking!

Friday, December 26, 2008

christmas want list

for a good few months,
flake's parents had been asking us for christmas ideas
i honestly felt like i didn't need anything
so i felt bad giving them any sort of list
but after it was made very clear to me
by flake
and his parents
that if i didn't give a list,
i would just get pot luck....
so as much as i hate surprises,
i decided to email them a list
of wishes wants

one of my wants was fun/crazy/cute socks
because.....socks are fun
and....i wear them to keep the kids at school happy
(ok really, that is just an excuse!!
i totally wear them to make me happy,
and the kiddos just get a kick out of them too!)
so when i opened up my present and found these....
boy was i ever excited....
and surprised (in a good way....the kind of surprise i like)
i got 5 sets of
mismatched socks
all the socks.....
in the set....
go together
but don't match
how cool is that!

so as soon as i got home with my new socks....
i had to look up the mismatched socks online
at Little MissMatched Socks
needless to say....
i am hooked!
i love the fact that the whole company
was started based on the fact of the "missing sock"
i have a drawer full of them myself
so i totally get why someone would want to
profit from something that haunts my everyday life!

my greatest thanks goes out to mr & mrs g
for opening my eyes to such a wonderful world of socks
flake on the other hand
is quite upset that his parents have created a monster
being that i have already picked out the next sets i would like to have
(can we say....all of them!)

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

would you rather wednesday

jam got this idea from kel
when kel started
would you rather wednesday

kel came up with some questions....
would you rather ..... or .....
and then challenged people to answer them,
and then come up with their own would you rather questions
so jam did just that

kel's questions...
my answers:
beautiful house, ugly car
totally be paris hilton!

and jam's questions....
my answers:
job i love
ugly dog

both were totally hard to answer,
but i was sucessful!
(thankfully, i had a week to think about it!!....look below to find out why!!!)

and like they asked....
here are my would you rather questions...

would you rather......know your future or change your past?

would you rather.....speak your mind (even if the truth hurts) or keep your thoughts to yourself?

would you rather.....sing everything that comes out of your mouth or text every thought you had?

have you missed me

.....well, have you?
yeah, probably not,
but i've missed you!
a lot!
since last wednesday morning
i have been taking a break from blogger
not because i wanted to,
but because blogging on my phone isn't as easy as facebooking on my phone! :)
so, you might wonder, why on earth was i taking an uninvited break from blogger....
(well ok, not really)
so here is a run down of how i've been spending my time without you!!

wednesday (12.17)
i worked .... and as soon as i sent my little friends on their way
flake was at school to pick me up
so we could head down east
we arrived in beaufort, making great time,
even after we stopped in raleigh for some amazing bumper to bumper traffic fun!
when we arrived, i was totally shocked to see the temperature at 8:30pm to be 68
seriously?!?! it is the middle of december....not september!

thursday (12.18)
flake and i woke up.....
thinking we were on a little vacation,
and then it hit us...
we realized that this wedding we were in town for....
was no where ready to be had
flake and i, spent the entire day,
helping robbie make list, cross things off, rewrite list, buy things, drop things off,
and then do it all again!
that evening, we decided we were going to have a tacky christmas sweater party....
and then quickly thought better of it, being that it was just me, flake, robbie, and b-rad (her hubby to be)...along with the dogs and cat
so instead we drank and played scrabble....
and just so you know, i am not a good speller....
but when i've had a few drinks in me, i can't even comprehend what the letters sound like....
so putting them together to form a word....not a pretty picture....however a funny one!
so when b-rad started the game off with JIHAD....i pretty much needed to throw in the towel!
needless to say, i didn't win!

friday (12.19)
robbie and i spent the day checking more things off her list....
and i was able to convince her to let us get our nails done....
(which was totally on my list!)
flake spent the entire day cleaning robbie's car (seriously!)
then it was off to the rehearsal (where i got to hug allison! :))
and then dinner (and pictures!!)
i had some wine....i typically don't drink wine, i have never really liked it....
but my thoughts have changed! :)
after the dinner, robbie, flake, kendall, and i went over to robbie's store to print her wedding programs
(well, they printed, while i took a rest on one of the beds at the store!)
and then we headed to wally world....
after getting some essential things for the wedding....
we finally arrived back at robbie's house too close to 2am for me to be happy

saturday (12.20)
the big day....a beautiful spring day, sunshine, 70 degrees...only problem....its supposed to be december! robbie wanted a december....christmas....cold weather wedding....
(and i kept thinking....if you wanna make god laugh...make a plan!)
i woke robbie up, earlier than she probably wanted me too....
but the list....was not complete by any means! (?!?!?)
there was still packing for the honeymoon, gathering things for the reception, finding people to clean up, figuring out how ____ would get ____ to _____.
way too much stuff to keep up in the air at once for my little brain!
we finally left to go get our hair done, and then made it to the church....
a lot of the afternoon was a blur....
i do remember...i was dressed like a present...
we were standing in line to walk into the church....
the music began
the solo began
and then it happened!!
the flower girl vomited EVERYWHERE!!!
all over herself, me, everywhere!
and then she did it again, in fact 2 more times!
somehow, by the grace of god
we got her cleaned up, the vomit somewhat off my dress,
out from between my toes....
and were ready to walk into the church....ON TIME!
the wedding went off with out a hitch....
smiled pretty for the pictures....
everyone was ready to go....
until kendall realized her keys....were in her purse....with flake....already at the reception....
so after we got another set from her parents...
we were on our way
we arrived at the reception
flake did his dj thing
robbie left happy
saying it was exactly what she wanted
so i must say....it was a success
i realize now... more than ever....
there is a good reason i did not plan my own wedding!! :) god bless flake for doing it all!!

sunday (12.21)
flake and i stayed in beaufort for some "away time"
and volunteered to take care of beau, tater, and casper
robbie and b-rad's dogs and cat
even though we were given specific care instructions for the animals....
we didn't exactly follow them
we were told to feed casper once a day (check)
we were told to feed tater twice a day--a scoop each time, and water in the bowl (check)
we were told .... for beau.... he likes hardee's combo #2 .... with straight fries, and a water.... he likes to drink his water out of the bathtub faucet...and he expects to sleep in the bed....
needless to say..... beau...got the same treatment as tater....

flake and i spent all of sunday on the couch, watching tv and sleeping
we were both worn slam out!

monday (12.22)
it came quickly....mainly cause we were so tired
monday, we decided to walk downtown....we quickly realized winter had come back to town
as soon as we walked outside....we felt that a ride down town would be a better idea!
after our "walk"
we decided to go see a movie, have dinner, and then rent a movie....
oh and we took care of the animals....
it was a good day for us, being together, not having to worry about any agendas...or list...or anything!

tuesday (12.23)
the flake and i got all our stuff in the car and ready to leave ....
heading to my parents house....
we stopped in raleigh,
where my mama had reserved us tickets to see polar express at the imax theater.
it was awesome!
flake had never seen the polar express before, and i had been really wanting to see it in 3d....so i was totally excited! :)
so much so that we had to have our picture taken in the glasses!! :)
i was NOT disappointed!
it was amazing!
and after we left....
flake actually said....
in one way or another....
he liked it too! :)
we arrived at my parents house, had some great time together, before dinner, had a great dinner, made by good old susan....
and then more conversation...(i'm still shocked....my father never turned the tv on!!)
and then off to bed :)

wednesday (12.24)
here we are....all caught up! :)
i woke up early....
early enough to see it snow!
which made my day!
i had to go tell flake....to which he replied....
it isn't nice to lie on christmas eve!
then took a little nap, until everyone else woke up....
and now i sit....feeling very accomplished that i have recapped my boring week!
and i'm beyond excited to see my brother, nina, and family....
spend time with all my family....
go to church....
and then head to bed....to wake up tomorrow, on christmas....
and get to spend time with my new family back at home! :)
merry christmas
from me to you!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

happy in my heart (again)

god bless these faces!
i must say that i'm super excited
and happy in my heart
that today is the last time i am going to
see their faces
hear their voices
for 18 days!
woo-hoo! :)

i will tell them today,
as they leave
"i love you,
i will miss you,
but ... mrs. boy is
going to LOVE her home days!"

Monday, December 15, 2008

movie characters

i love movies
i love to watch them
i love the stories
i love the characters
i love to buy them
i love to have them
i love to watch them again

movies are fun!

well...allison came across the list of top 25 movie characters of all time
and she didn't completely agree with it
so she made her own

i loved her idea so much i thought i should do the same
so i told her i would
and then...
i didn't
so sent me a little reminder....
so...here is my
top 25 movie characters of all time

25. doug dorsey ... the cutting edge

24. ralphie parker .... a christmas story

23. scarecrow....wizard of oz

22. kevin mcallister....home alone

21. ben wrightman....fever pitch

20. carson mcbride .... shag

19. mikey walsh .... the goonies

18. guss guss.... cinderella

17. ferris bueller

16. dory....finding nemo

15. vada sultenfuss....my girl

14. lane frost....8 seconds

13. chazz reinhold...wedding crashers

12. & 11. et and elliott....ET

10.brennan huff.....stepbrothers

9. ninny threadgood.....fried green tomatoes

8. napolean dynamite

7. danielle de barbarac....ever after

6. & 5. sandy olsson and danny zuko

4. cinderella

3. buddy....elf

2. big bird....follow that bird

1. woody....toy story

Friday, December 12, 2008

i'm up for a challenge!

Danielle tagged me...
i had to follow through!
and plus i'm always up for a challenge....
especially one that involves pictures and memories
so....here we go!!

Here are the rules:
1. choose the 4th picture folder on your computer

2. choose the 4th picture

3. explain the picture

4. tag at least 4 people to do the same

this picture was taken thanksgiving 1991. (i was in 7th grade)
these are the "girl cousins"
(left to right, top to bottom)
me, sarah jane, dorothy, jennie

as you can see, i was the "cool" one, especially with my
star teddy sweater
and my cool bowl hair cut!

and some things never change,
sarah jane and jennie were always (and still are) the girly ones, dorothy and i...not so much
i've still got that huge dimple.... and still smirk just like that!

this makes me laugh so hard!
what a great way to start the day!

:) thanks danielle!

i'm gonna tag
mrs. g

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

blog stalking #5

blog title: blog around the world
author: debbie
the goods: debbie has made blog stalking.....so much easier :)
and is working magic to connect bloggers together to allow them
....to find...and indulge in....
as she puts it .... blog crack!

i found her blog....and was totally excited that not only does she showcase new blogs all the time, that us a fellow bloggers can begin to stalk read...
but she has done it in such an awesome and organized way!!

to get a better understanding of why she decided to make this blog, you can read all about it here

to get your name on her list....
you go to her site,
click on your state name (on the left sidebar)
add a comment under your state

then grab a widget

happy blog stalking!!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

it is just mean

for some reason i wake up most mornings before it is socially acceptable
most of the time, i don't know why, it just happens,
and then i find myself looking for things to do
this morning is no different, except for this morning i know why i'm awake
(ugg....to sinus pressure....)
i woke up around 2:15, and after 45 minutes of tossing, i decided to get up
most of the time, on mornings like this, i have some good blog stalking quite time until the races begin

around 4 each morning turbo begins her races
the flipping cat runs from one end of our apartment (full speed) to the other
and back again.....for about an hour straight
(how flake can sleep though this, i'm not sure, because part of her racetrack includes the bed...and the pillows...)

this totally frustrates me.....
if i am able to sleep until 4, she wakes me up with this annoying behavior....
which as you can imagine, does not make me happy in the least bit! :/

this morning has been no different, when it comes to the race
she has been going and going....
but she has a new trick
which she started about 2 weeks ago
her newest trick isn't one that i'm excited about either
in fact i think it frustrates me more than when she runs on the pillows
(and that is a lot)

turbo now runs runs runs, then will stop and sit beside me at the computer for a few minutes and face the guest room door.....mind you, the guest room, could also be know as the "diesel's sleeps in her crate" room.....she will turn her head back towards the front door, then back towards the guest room door.....over and over

and then it happens,
she slowly walks towards the front door, turns around
then takes off
and pounces on the guest room door
which makes it fly open
and then....
she hisses the meanest loudest hiss
and then runs away....

why has that cat got to be so mean
and why ....
does she feel the need to wake every living animal in this apartment up at ungodly hours, just for her own pleasure.

all i can say,
that poor dog
has got to be thinking
"lord honey, haint i been momicked this day!"

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

blog stalking #4

blog title: matt, liz and madeline
author: matt logelin
the goods: i started reading matt's blog, when leah posted about him.
the blog focuses on maddy, matt's daughter, and matt's day to day life. matt's post are full of sweet pictures, and heart warming stories about this precious baby girl.

matt began his blog before maddy was even thought of, but as expected, when matt and his wife, liz, grew closer to becoming parents, matt's topics of choice shifted. when maddy arrived on march 24 of this year, you can imagine there was a precious post. (wanna read it??) the happiness that is expected during this time, was changed 27 short hours later when liz passed away. to completely understand what happened, it helps to start reading here.

matt and maddy have been blessed on a daily basis, by people who don't even know them, but have become attached to them through matt's blog. (like you will!!!) matt is very matter of fact, especially when it comes to liz. he uses words that my mama would gasp over, however, if you are ok with that, or can look past it, i think you will fall in love with his blog as much as i have!!

happy reading!! :)