Friday, December 26, 2008

christmas want list

for a good few months,
flake's parents had been asking us for christmas ideas
i honestly felt like i didn't need anything
so i felt bad giving them any sort of list
but after it was made very clear to me
by flake
and his parents
that if i didn't give a list,
i would just get pot luck....
so as much as i hate surprises,
i decided to email them a list
of wishes wants

one of my wants was fun/crazy/cute socks
because.....socks are fun
and....i wear them to keep the kids at school happy
(ok really, that is just an excuse!!
i totally wear them to make me happy,
and the kiddos just get a kick out of them too!)
so when i opened up my present and found these....
boy was i ever excited....
and surprised (in a good way....the kind of surprise i like)
i got 5 sets of
mismatched socks
all the socks.....
in the set....
go together
but don't match
how cool is that!

so as soon as i got home with my new socks....
i had to look up the mismatched socks online
at Little MissMatched Socks
needless to say....
i am hooked!
i love the fact that the whole company
was started based on the fact of the "missing sock"
i have a drawer full of them myself
so i totally get why someone would want to
profit from something that haunts my everyday life!

my greatest thanks goes out to mr & mrs g
for opening my eyes to such a wonderful world of socks
flake on the other hand
is quite upset that his parents have created a monster
being that i have already picked out the next sets i would like to have
(can we say....all of them!)


Just A Mom (call me JAM for short) said...

What a cute idea. And I bet your kids will love your socks!

Bobby and Brooke said...

I love them too! They are so cute and colorful! They were a PERFECT gift for you!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Enjoy, sweetie! Apologies to your husband.