Thursday, April 30, 2009

i'm back.....

i'm back.....but until i show ALL of you some love....
i'll refrain from posting!


Sunday, April 19, 2009



i'm tired of this!
so i decided to hack into l.o.v.'s account
and let you know that even though she is spending all her time ignoring me,
i'm still here....

over the past few weeks she has spent so much time making excuses....
she keeps saying things like....
i've got parent/teacher conferences
i've got to go running
i've got to stay for parent academy
i've got a meeting after school
i've got to go to a baby shower
i've got to clean the apartment
i've got to get to work early to finish up a lesson for today
i've got to throw my little friends a party at school for doing the right thing
i've got to get stuff for easter
i've got to get ready for my brother's wedding
i've got to wash clothes
i've got to go to the store
i've got to go to the doctor
i've got to go camping
i've got to go to dinner with some friends
i've got to get my stuff together for the ready schools grant
i've got to get over to smart start to make a presentation

it is to the point that all i am hearing is

well, let me tell you,
looking at me the other day l.o.v. did say, "wow, it has been days since i was last able to check up on my bloggy friends"
but did she do anything about it?


all she did was write all over me, and keep on going!
seriously....what is this?
why is it ever time i come around, l.o.v. is way too busy to spend any quality time with me.
all she can say is....
"i'll finish all this soon enough"...
just like the showers that are associated with my name

so, until then,
until she is done,

i'll still be here....feeling used

p.s. she did say she will do her best to catch up with all her bloggy friends soon....
but probably closer to the end of the showers....and the beginning of the flowers!

Sunday, April 5, 2009


i had been trying to find out how to make my friend's buttons scroll for a few months now! i've been searching high and low....but apparently i wasn't using the right phrases for my search.....
do any of you have that problem? i sure do love google, but from time to time, i really wish it knew what i was thinking!!

so a big thank you to alex for helping me get my buttons to scroll!!
go check out her blog!!
and while you are there....grab her button....
and if you are in the button grabbing mood....grab mine too!
Running Away


from this post
some of you wanted to know....
what is wc?

wash cloths
wine coolers
whipped cream
wood chuck
white chocolate

your ideas......were great.....
and made me laugh....
so i totally googled wc...
and decided to add to that list....

weatherford college
world cup
wc (william l. calhoon, jr....he is a rapper)
workers' compensation
west central
weselyan college
war crimes
world connect
wing commander

so....what is wc?
that was flakes way of saying
wood chuck
which is my fav!!


so my bloggy friend randi
most of the time,
i just read the post.....
and don't comment
BUT lately randi has been having lots of fun changing her backgrounds.....
so the other day i was over on her blog and decided to comment on this post
i personally have nothing to add to a make-up conversation....
so i left a comment that said....
don't do makeup
so i'm gonna comment on your background....totally cute!
which sparked jam's curiosity.....
wondering about the fact that i "don't do makeup"
so jam....this is for you....
yes...i don't do makeup
it makes me feel icky...and sticky.....and i just don't understand the need of it.....
i can count on one hand how many times i have had makeup on in the past 10 years....
and .... i have pictures of both occasions....

the day i got my bridal portraits done....
and the day flake and i got married...
i personally felt like i looked like a street walker....
and after my portraits were done....i had lunch with flake and he said...."what's wrong with your eyes?" guess he thought so too!
but in all honesty....i look pretty much the same as i do any other day!
does that fill your need for pictures?!?!


speaking of weddings.....
my brother is getting married this weekend! yay!


totally was google's april fools
and apparently, they have done stuff like that in the past!
2007 & this
2008 & this (which i think is my favorite!)
those silly google techs!
i guess they need to have some fun now and then.....
either that, or know what i am thinking when i type in .....whatever i want to know!


i'm sure you have all seen the etrade videos with the little baby....
totally cute!
he cracks me up!

when it comes to cute, the etrade baby is right up there with zoe!

but this got me thinking....

i you think my nephew mason would like to do some trading?

say.....some uncle flake and aunt l.o.v. time....for....a cat?!?!


have a happy monday!

Saturday, April 4, 2009


the other day
flake and i had the following text conversation...

flake: how is your day?
lov: mmmm....ok
flake: been good....when will you be home?
lov: after 4
flake: will you stop by the store and get some wc and beer?
lov: sure
flake: k, see you when you get home

about 15 minutes later
lov: don't you have a case of beer beside the fridge?
flake: no silly, that is just a box!
lov: why do you have an empty beer box beside the fridge?
flake: because it's classy, that's why!

so i wonder....
what does this mean??

Thursday, April 2, 2009

say it aint so....

so this morning,
i was checking my gmail
(and boy do i ever love gmail
especially when i see the new things from the google labs....)
when i noticed the newest "find"
i clicked on the bright red link
that was just begging to be clicked on....which brought up this
Gmail Autopilot by CADIE

typically i think....
how exciting...another google thing to keep me busy....wasting my time....
but as soon as i started reading this....
all i could think...
you've got to be kidding me

the page starts out with....
As more and more everyday communication takes place over email, lots of people have complained about how hard it is to read and respond to every message. This is because they actually read and respond to all their messages.

google was nice enough to give some sample autopilot messages.....

ha!ha! was good enough to explain the following to us with some FAQ
How does Gmail mirror my communication style?
The more Gmail messages Autopilot can sample, the better. With fewer than 100 messages, there may not be enough data to calibrate Autopilot effectively. You can adjust tone, typo propensity, and preferred punctuation from the Autopilot tab under Settings.

You may want to log in every week or so to ensure Autopilot is calibrated optimally.

Does Autopilot work for Gmail chat too?
Yes. Chat was actually simpler to build, given the natural language headway made by Joseph Weizenbaum's
ELIZA. While many claim ELIZA oft times passed the Turing test, Gmail Autopilot passes with 99.9% accuracy due to the inclusion of human-like qualities such as compassion and wisdom and CADIE's related ability to calibrate to match your chat style.

What happens if a sender and recipient both have Autopilot on?
Two Gmail accounts can happily converse with each other for up to three messages each. Beyond that, our experiments have shown a significant decline in the quality ranking of Autopilot's responses and further messages may commit you to dinner parties or baby namings in which you have no interest.

ha! ha! ha!

so then i started thinking....

please say it aint so....

maybe just maybe
this was google's way of saying
april fools!!

and if it wasn't!
please please....what could be next!?!?

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

street view

so a few months back
i got an email from an ex boyfriend
all it said....
go to google maps, type in your parent's address, and click street view. too funny....
my first thought
i don't have to!
and i'm not listening to you!

my second thought...
(coupled by anger)
why are you looking up my parents address on google maps?!?!

my third thought...
(coupled with curiosity)
what could it be?
why do i need to go look?

my fourth thought...
ok, i'll do it,
but not cause you told me to
just cause

my fifth thought...
but, not cause he was right,
remember, i only looked cause i wanted to....

that is totally my mama checking and reading the mail!
too funny!!

my sixth thought...
im SUPER glad my parents have moved
and he doesn't know
just in case...
i mean...
it is just a little creepy that he was looking up my parents address