Sunday, April 19, 2009



i'm tired of this!
so i decided to hack into l.o.v.'s account
and let you know that even though she is spending all her time ignoring me,
i'm still here....

over the past few weeks she has spent so much time making excuses....
she keeps saying things like....
i've got parent/teacher conferences
i've got to go running
i've got to stay for parent academy
i've got a meeting after school
i've got to go to a baby shower
i've got to clean the apartment
i've got to get to work early to finish up a lesson for today
i've got to throw my little friends a party at school for doing the right thing
i've got to get stuff for easter
i've got to get ready for my brother's wedding
i've got to wash clothes
i've got to go to the store
i've got to go to the doctor
i've got to go camping
i've got to go to dinner with some friends
i've got to get my stuff together for the ready schools grant
i've got to get over to smart start to make a presentation

it is to the point that all i am hearing is

well, let me tell you,
looking at me the other day l.o.v. did say, "wow, it has been days since i was last able to check up on my bloggy friends"
but did she do anything about it?


all she did was write all over me, and keep on going!
seriously....what is this?
why is it ever time i come around, l.o.v. is way too busy to spend any quality time with me.
all she can say is....
"i'll finish all this soon enough"...
just like the showers that are associated with my name

so, until then,
until she is done,

i'll still be here....feeling used

p.s. she did say she will do her best to catch up with all her bloggy friends soon....
but probably closer to the end of the showers....and the beginning of the flowers!


The Darling Dukes said...

you are just too darn cute for words!

Kristina P. said...

Please tell lov I miss her.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

:) You have been busy lately, April has a good point!

Bobby and Brooke said...

I missed you!!!!

Randi Troxell said...

hehe! love it.. cant wait for lov to return... and i adore the new header as always!!

Stephanie said...

You make me laugh.

Melissa said...

I thought this letter was from Flake at first!?! Then I kept reading:) You are quite the busy lady. Thanks for being a wonderful school teacher BTW!

Danielle Banks said...

This post was so cute! LOV it!!!!

Kristina P. said...

OK, are you ever coming back?!?!