Friday, February 27, 2009

i just can't get enough

oh friday...

you are oh so good to me....
last day of the work week....wearing jeans to work...and crocs too (yeah i know, i do that most every day any way!)....two home days ahead of me...

i just love when you get here,
for so many reasons...

but my favorite......
spending time with
and hearing all he has to say on
the soup...

but because you, friday,
only come once a week,
i am ever so thankful that
my friends over at E!
know that i can't go until the next friday
to get my soup fix!

thank goodness for
the soup blog
i seriously....just can't get enough!

now, if only i could get E! to air
the soup before 10 pm ......

Thursday, February 26, 2009


ive decided....
some of the comments on previous post....needed some answers....
i talked back to you on the following....


a year

a plea


and from here on out....i've decided....i am going to respond to you guys on your comments....
so....come back and be looking for that! :)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


you make me happy
especially on days
when i can't really go outside
and be with real people
being sick isn't fun
but you don't mind
ahh facebook,
you can't get sick from me
spending so much time with you!
thanks for updating me on everything
thanks for letting me in on all the happenings out there in the world....
thanks for telling me all the people i may know
i love when you tell me my friends have updated their profile pictures
thanks for all the applications
thanks for telling me about everyone's new status....totally exciting
even though i'm not sure what to think of them, thanks for all the notes!
i love all the pictures....
and the videos that keep me laughing
oh....and the new LIKE couldn't be more awesome!
thank you for all the free gifts
and....oh the flair....
thanks for keeping me entertained
when i was stuck here
doing all of nothing....

so .... as i sat here
reading my bloggy friend's blogs
i was wondering

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

the best part

i don't like being sick....
especiall the icky
that sticks around
that can't be shaken for anything....
but i've spent the past few days....exactly like that....
and i was quite pissy not happy about it
but i can honestly say
there has been no better way to spend the past few days....
with one of my addictions
a tv addiction
no....not the golden girls
and not the soup
but the one
that i can't explain
the one that i can't controll
that i can't get enough of

thats right....

this might be the reason flake has had enough of me being sick! :)

Monday, February 23, 2009

a year....

a lot has happened
in the past year....

who would have ever thought that i would
have experienced all this without you....

i finished my first year of teaching
i got married to flake
i went on trips without you
to the mountains
to the beach
to the lake
all over....
i got a new little friend named theodore
then i got another new little friend named baxter
my precious nephew was born
and my neice in love too
i started teaching another year....and met lots of new little friends....
robbie got married
paul got engaged.....
and through it all
as much as i have missed you
and my time with you....
i can now say....
i sure do miss you albert j. wrangler....
even though i'll never find another jeep that is as special as you.....
i think....
i'm ok ....

Thursday, February 19, 2009


flake and i live in an apartment
i have no problem with apartment living
bigger than storage
there is none!!
we have filled....
not so neatly, i might add
both of the closets
full of clothes
with no room to add

i wonder....
does anyone have any crafty ideas
for what i could do with.....

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

a plea

dearest turbo,

i write this to you,
to ask you

why do you do the things you do?
why do you feel the need to be so mean?

flake said you just needed time to adjust....
so i wonder
why you continue to do things that cause me to be scared of you...
and why do you do things that make me cry....
and why do you have to be so flipping mean?

you and i have been living together for 276 days
that's a lot of days little miss!
lots can happen in 276 days!
kids can go through an entire year of school....
and the state says they only have to go 180 days!
babies can go from being .... an imagination
to being held by their parents
friendships can be formed
and friendships can be broken
children can grow....a lot!
look at how big little mason is...and he's only been around like 200 days....
so why?!?!
why has it taken you 276 days....
to continue to be so mean to me
and diesel

i feel we need to set a few things straight for you....
-it is not ok to wake me up in the middle of the night
- it is not ok for you to scratch my feet....or any other part of my body....especially when i am trying to sleep
-it is not ok for you to yell your meanest yell at diesel when you are the dumb one who called her into play with you
- if you don't want to play with the dog....then why why why do you feel the need to call her...or show her where you are!
- it is not ok for you to throw up in the bed, on the floor right by the bed...or anywhere!
-i will feed you every morning, you don't have to yell at me OVER and OVER until i put food in your bowl....and....if you didn't throw up all your food, maybe you wouldn't be so hungry!
- it is not ok for you to chew on my crocs
- STOP drinking out of the toilet!
- would you please stop leaving your hair EVERYWHERE!!!!!
- it is not ok for you to get on the kitchen counters or table
- it is not fun for me....when you jump on the desk when i am trying to blog....seriously...your mama was not a glass maker!
- it is not ok for you to hiss at me, while i am in the shower....if you don't like the water....then why do you feel the need to crawl onto the tub....
- it is not ok for you to chew the blinds
- it is not ok for you to pick your claws on the bed skirt.....for hours on end
- your morning races....have got to stop involving my pillow
- it is not ok for you to rub against my leg....and then scratch or bite me
- it is not ok for you to knock things off the tables/dressers/cabinets/desk
- really, could you stop getting your hair in my toothbrush
- it is not ok when you get mad....because i move in the bed at night....and stop biting at my hands when this happens
- it is not ok that you chew my school papers....please stay out of my bag!

all i'm asking of you turbo
is that we can be friends....
you, me, diesel, and flake
we all need to be able to get along....
and i'm tired of flake making excuses for you....
you're a big girl now!
i'm sorry your mama left you,
i'm sorry someone put you in a dumpster when you were a baby...
but....the past is the past....
you live with two people and one dogsister that care about you, and want you to be happy....
however we also would like to be happy....

so could you please try your very best....
to be nice?

yours truly,

Saturday, February 14, 2009

songs and love

before flake and i were....
we realized we loved listening to the same types of music....
:) just one more reason i thought....he was such a great friend for me! :)

one morning i realized that everytime i heard a certian song....
(a song that i had heard with flake, and talked with flake about, many times....)
i would think of flake
i didn't think too much of it at first,
but in the back of my mind,
i figured god was trying to tell me something....
on the day i put two and two together....
i decided to think about the words in this song by sister hazel

these words.....
got me thinking....
Finally I figured out
But it took a long, long time
But now there's a turnabout
Maybe 'cause I'm trying
There's been times, I'm so confused
All my roads, They lead to you
I just can't turn and walk away

it was not long after that day
that flake and i became
us --the dating us
and i never thought that another song
would make me smile and think of him
like the way that all for you did

until one day when i heard another sister hazel song
by this point
flake and i had already talked about
how we felt....
we knew that we did and said things....
with the other's best interest in mind
so the first time i heard .... this song
i was blown the fact that
not only did i smile a bigger smile and think of flake more,
but i felt 10 times happier .... because my thoughts were now into words....
i knew that was exactly how i felt about flake

when it came time to talk about our wedding...
i sent my daddy a link to that same song....
i wanted him to hear it,
i wanted everone to hear it,
i wanted everyone to know and understand the way i felt about my dear sweet flake...
when my daddy replied, i never expected to think of that any other way, except as the song that described how i felt about flake....
my daddy thought that not only was it a beautiful song about human love
but even better
it described the love that god gives us
the love that no matter what is there,
the love that we dream about,
the love that is bigger than us,
the love that keeps people going,
the love that can and continues to move mountains,
the love that leaves us all without doubt,
the love that fills us, when we most need it,
the love that is unmistakable,
the love that we can't get enough of

so now, each and every time i hear this kind of love
i smile an even bigger smile than i did the first time i heard it
and i thank god
for his love
and for the love of my family
and for sure, the love of flake!

happy valentine's day!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

reasons to laugh

to stay happy....i laugh
so i'm always looking for a reason to laugh
usually i don't have to look too far,
especially with my little kids at school

my little friends are into the popcorn song
i wish wish wish i could find a link to the song...
so you would be able to hear it, however....i have no clue who sings it,
either way
they LOVE it!

they beg to hear the song....over and over
and i allow them to hear it, and dance to it
at least once a day

i noticed this week,
that one of my friends
either has mad skills
or he watches napoleon dynamite's dance scene over and over
please disregard the quality of this video....
i took it with my phone
and when i uploaded it to blogger,
it made it "big"
so the quality seems to be worse than it should

Monday, February 9, 2009

random questions

i stole this from allison....
because i can always answer these random questions....
and i was i added some pictures too!

Do you like blue cheese?
yeah, the chunkier the better

What flavor Kool-Aid is your favorite?

i don't think they make it any more.... but kickin kiwi lime was my fav and a staple when amanda and i use to have kool-aid parties!

Do you get nervous before a doctor appointment?
nope, if i did, i would spend a lot of time nervous! :p

What do you think of hot dogs?
i like them plain with a side of chili especially from cubbies

Favorite Christmas movie?
its a wonderful life

Can you do push ups?
only if i get to rest on my knees....but i'm trying to build up to my feet....and i can do them....better if i have not had to do plank exercises first....ugh!

What's your favorite piece of jewelry?
i love my engagement ring....flake and i decided to use my great grandmother harrison's diamond (i had gotten her engagement ring for my 21st birthday) and put it into a setting that would suit me and my jewelry style....but also protect the stone...

i love the fact that it not only symbolizes our love, but generations of love :) so sweet
(please ignore the spot on my lip....i chew my lip when i'm nervous....and i had totally been chewing my lip as flake and i waited for his dad to get back into the we could tell him our good news.....)

Favorite hobby?
i have lots....and they change.... but these days...i love to do things with digital scrapbooking (i.e. making headers/buttons/awards/etc)
and i'm looking foward to the day that i can say that running is my favorite hobby!

Favorite quote of the day? is still early

"i think we's are gonna see some snow tonight...don't you?"
from the old man walking at the park

What's your weight?
more than it should be

Middle name?
even though the lady at the social security office told me i couldn't.... i have two....
and my social security card, my license, and all my official documents.....prove it....
but i'll just tell you one of them! :)

Name 3 thoughts at this exact moment?
i totally miss albert j. wrangler.....
will mrs. f come to work today....
will i make it until valentine's day without telling flake about his present....

Current worry?
two of my little friend at school....
one who had been suspended for a few days...
one who moved back home to mama...

Current hate right now?
run 1 1/2 min walk 2.....not going too well!

Favorite place to be?
these days....on a lake at the mountains

Where would you like to go?
see previous question

Do you own slippers?
i used to have big bird slippers that i wore to the hospital every time i went....someone threw up on them one time in the er....and i promptly threw them away.... i do have one pair now....that came with my new christmas pj's

What color shirt are you wearing right now?

Can you whistle?

Favorite color?

Would you be a pirate?
i was a pirate for a few years....offically....

but then i switched schools....
but in real life, i would love to be a for real pirate!

What songs do you sing in the shower?
i don't usually sing in the shower

What's in your pocket?
no pockets...and typically i don't put things in my pockets

Last thing that made you laugh?
my convo with school bff at bw3 last night......
while watching flake blush!

Worst injury you've ever had as a child?
when i broke my arm.....

it stayed broken forever!

Do you love where you live?
for the most part.....but i can find good and bad no matter where i live

How many TVs do you have?
2 inside, 1 in the garage (for storage....not for watching)

How many dogs do you have?
just dz

at too many

What is your favorite book?
goodnight moon

What is your favorite candy?
reese's cup

What songs do you want played at your funeral?
here i am lord and onward christian soldier

Saturday, February 7, 2009


when flake and i got married
my parents gave us a couple's devotional
being a preacher's kid
i kind of expected to get something like this....

and i was quite excited to receive it.....

i flipped through the book when we got it,
and thought....
"this is great.....
i can't wait to start reading it....
with my new hubby"

we realized quickly that the book was not the right one for us....
the very first time we sat down to read it
the topic was....talking with teens part 1
the next day....talking with teens part 2 ... about drinking
the next day....talking with teens part 3.... about sex
the next day....talking with teens part 4.... about drugs
the next day....what legacy are you leaving....what is in your will?!?!
the next day....the end of every man....words you would say at the end of your life

as i'm sure these are all great topics of conversation that flake and i will need to have
i honestly don't think these are the best ways to build on our newlywed faith foundation....

over the next few months,
i would look online for a good devotional that would fit us....
i had great luck in finding couple's devotionals
however got very frustrated at how specific they are....
i found devotionals for
newly dating couples,
pre-engaged couples,
couples with aging parents,
newly married couples over the age of 40
couples with children,
couples late and later married.....
yet....i struggled to find a newlywed devotional

so one night over dinner with flake's parents,
the devotional book conversation came up.....
and flake and i laughed as we talked with his parents about the devotions we came across.

a couple of days later, his parents gifted us with a different couple's devotional....
flakes mom told me that when they went to look for the book,
she asked the salesman at the christian bookstore to help her find a good devotional book for newlyweds....
the man handed her a good one,
as she looked through it....she realized it was not for newlywed people....but rather newly divorced people!

thankfully, flake's mom was able to find us a more appropriate devotional......
and we were able to put our original one on a shelf for a few more years :)

either way....
either book...
i'm so thankful god has a way of making him laugh...while thinking of him, and praising him!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


why did they start making "tag-less" clothes?!?!

and the more important question....

why didn't they just call them...."we moved the tag to the side seam of the garment to annoy the mess out of you, especially if you have sensitive skin" clothes?

i'm just wondering?!?!

Monday, February 2, 2009


last week we started talking about groundhog day…..
introducing a new concept with my little friends is always very funny to me….
especially to hear the ideas that they come up with when they are describing a new thing…..

so what is groundhog day??

according to my little friends…..
groundhog day is….
a day you eat turkey with your family
a rat
a bear
a family day to eat
a family day
a home day
rock and roll
you lay up, dig up food for winter, go to sleep
a coloring day
a rock and roll chair
a bad day
a rock and roll cow

after we made this list….

we talked about what groundhog day really was….
and that is when we made our own predictions about what the groundhog would do today.

15 of my friends said the groundhog would be scared….
and we would get more cold days
1 of my friends said the groundhog would be happy to be awake….
and close his eyes…so he wouldn't see his shadow!

personally i'm totally excited that phil saw his shadow!