Thursday, October 30, 2008

looking up

the first time i ever saw a sunflower,
i decided then and there,
god made them, and put them on the earth,
just for me!
i know that may seem a little selfish,
to this day, many many years later
i still feel that way!
everything about sunflowers reminds me of how much god loves us
the beautiful colors
the amazing shapes
the smell
the seeds

but my favorite reason to love sunflowers...
when i look at them,
i am always reminded to be steadfast in my love for god

sunflowers, no matter what, follow the sun
they always turn their face to the sun,
and rely on the sun to give them warmth, food and strength.

as a christian, i should also turn my face towards god
in everything i do
i need to remember to rely on the lord,
and seek my spiritual food from him in all times.
true to form,
i am human
and i tend to forget
that i should rely on god for everything
so i do my best to surround myself with this gift from god
to be a true reminder for me!


Baby Steps said...

Thank you, now I have a new appreciation for sunflowers! Let me know if there is anything you would like to do tomorrow before the "fun" begins! I got an invite from Swoozies to take the little monkey by the store and he'll get a special treat. :)

Bobby and Brooke said...

Wow! That was like my quiet time this morning! Thanks LAOK-V! You always manage to make me a better person! ;)

By the're just like a sunflower with all your beauty and color even when every one around you is wearing uniformed colors! :)

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Beautiful, thought-provoking post today; thank you!

phyzz said...

Hey Lamb! I love your neat writing! Thx for sharing about your special love of Sunflowers. That's especailly meaningful to me:)

Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) said...

You are making me love Sunflowers too!