Monday, October 20, 2008

gift (part 2)

ok so i feel that the whole "gift" thing was probably too much for you guys to handle
i must admit...
i'm still a little shocked by it
especially when i go into the bath room in the middle of the night and see the little gift staring back at me

but ....
especially one from the heart of the one you love
are always special
or is flake preparing me for when our kids bring home hand made gifts....
you know the ones that i'm supposed to act excited about...

either way
i'm confused as to what to do with this little face!
wouldn't you be too?!?!

flake told me i need it
and i assume since he gave it to me, i probably should act as if i appreciate it
at least for a day or two :)
school bff told me that it might be worth a lot of money
and if i throw it away, i might regret it one day
turbo apparently likes it....
because she has taken it upon herself to make it her now night time toy
dz brought it to me this evening,
maybe as a peace offering
maybe as a way to say....look, i like things (other than toothpaste) that i find on the bathroom counter

so what do you think?

1 comment:

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

I don't think flake made it, I'd guess he found it somewhere around the car when he was packing for the bike trip. I don't know what it represents either, except that maybe flake is being ecologically and environmentally responsible. I think I would carefully and quietly return it to the parking lot from where it came as it's owner might be searching for it.