Wednesday, October 29, 2008

new trick

thanks to mrs. goodneedle (that would be flake's mother's blogging name)
for letting me in on her secret to making photo collages! :)
these are just my very first few that i have made,
its so fun.....

this was the very first one i made......
(i made it to send to carter, but never got around to it)
the pictures were from this past fourth of july in the mountains
when the guys put together a slip and slide....
(the funny part....they decided the original slip and slide wasn't good enough, so they made a better one the next day....too funny....i'll have to post a picture of that too)
i know this collage has some of the same pictures....but remember it was my first!!

next, i made this one for my class website.
i know in my heart of hearts,
my administration is the only one that checks to see if i put anything on my page
but i still feel the need to make it exciting and special for ..... the parents!

i made this one for my desktop at home.
flake must hate the way i constantly change our desktop background, because i always have to move the icons around so they will not be over specific parts of pictures....
thanks mrs. g!


Flake said...

I like the new desktop! Have a great day, I love you!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Great job! I just love collaging, too! Is that a word? I also like fuzzying, especially around the edges... ;)

Baby Steps said...

I look at your class website! :)

Bobby and Brooke said...

I love the collage of you and Kyle! TOO CUTE and very sweet! I'm glad Mrs. G educated you so now you can teach me! ;)