Sunday, October 12, 2008

why not!

i decided a few years ago that i wanted to join the blogging world.
i loved looking at other people's blogs, and reading about what what going on in their little blogging world.
i really loved writing about my little life and having other people read, and sometimes comment back,
but ....
i decided to delete my blog when i decided that i needed to make my life a little more private. i wanted to be able to write about what i wanted to write about, and not need to worry that others might hold something against me....
so i left the blogging world, and entered the blog stalking reading world.
and just let me say, there are so many awesome blogs and interesting stories out there that are fun to stalk read.
i'll have to highlight some of my favorite soon!

here i am again, giving it another try....
so you may ask, why would i start a blog now....
good question....
do i have kids? no
do i have the best job ever? no
do i have some awesome story about my life? no
do i have some amazing hobby everyone needs to learn about? no
do i have a need for others to know about how boring my life is? ... maybe

the real answer, i want to! :)

so since you know what i don't have, let me tell you what i do have,
i have an amazing family
i have an amazing group of friends
i have a job that i really believe in, and truly feel will make a difference (however i don't always like it!)
i have a love for sunflowers, the ocean, the mountains, music and big bird
i have a strong passion for laughing, smiling, and being happy
and most of all
i have a deep and abiding faith in the lord.
all of those things put together, make me....

one more may wonder how this blog is going to be different...
simple...i'm not using my name! :)

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