Friday, October 17, 2008

what to do, what to do?

its an age old debate
to make the bed or not
i've been on both sides of the fence
but for most of my adult life,
i have lived on the making the bed side of the fence
however i really don't have a bad day if the bed isn't made,
but i do so love to crawl into the bed at the end of the day (even if i think 6 pm is bed time) when it has been made.

when flake and i got married he came with 10 legs....
two of his own
four belonging to diesel (or dz as i refer to her)
and four belonging to the devil cat
all of these legs like to find their way into the bed.....
because of this, flake likes to have the bed made too, cause he thinks it keeps the pet hair off the sheets.

we have gone back and forth since that sweet day (all the way back in may!)
about making the bed....
if the bed gets made.....some days i make it, some days he makes it, usually its the one who gets up last
either way....

well over the past couple of weeks,
i have come home from work to this....

the evil one cat has figured out how to climb under the quilt to sleep.
for so many reasons this makes me mad
- i don't want her in my bed
- i am too scared to move her
- she doesn't listen to me when i ask her to move
- i don't want her in my bed
- she hisses at me when i try to get into the bed
- she gets hair all over my pillow
- i don't want her in my bed
- she leaves a warm spot in the bed
- she picks at the sheets while she is under the covers
- did i mention.....i just don't want her there!

so what i wonder, if i don't want her in the bed, should i just not make it?!?!


Baby Steps said...

Too funny...instead of making the bed, why not try stripping everything off of the bed??? She wouldn't like to sleep on a bare mattress! However, then she might get mad and just pee on the bed! Good luck. :)

Allison Bernauer said...

I say no need to make it... you have to get right back in it later that day!! :)

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Try making it up really, really tight... if it's too much trouble to get up under there then she'll find another spot. Or, make it up and place heavy things on the surface if the bedspread, she'll give up.

Baby Steps said...

Riley says to just mail the cat to Raleigh...