Wednesday, October 22, 2008

field trip

on wednesday morning
my friends and i got all bundled up and left for our very first field trip.
we were all so excited to be going to the farm-zoo-ranch-pumpkin patch that we needed to stop and take a picture before we left!

we boarded the bus for our long ride to

when we arrived,
we learned how to feed the animals
.....2 legs eat out of the bucket
.....4 legs eat out of your hand
.....buffalo and cow...drop food into their mouth
once we got on our wagon, we were off.....

this would be mrs. f practicing how to feed the animals....
or praying...

(apparently mrs. f didn't care for it too much...but it gave us all a good laugh)

(i have never smelled anything like that giraffe.....all i can say is was a life experience)

some of my friends were not so excited about the animals...
i was so very thankful that school bff was there for those friends :)

after the wagon ride,
and not nearly enough hand sanitizer
we were able to play on the
pirate ship playground
eat lunch
visit the petting zoo
and each of my friends got a pumpkin

we had a really good time
(not to mention a really good rest when we got back to school)

i wish every day was a field trip day!


Baby Steps said...

Oh, fun looks like they really enjoyed the trip!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

...and a good time was had by all... fun!