Wednesday, October 15, 2008


so as a kindergarten teacher,
i spend my days with people who are around 3 feet tall
most of the times the things they come up with and do make me smile
(as long as all the chairs stay on the floor, and not go flying through the classroom)
i enjoy so much about the way that a 5 year old's mind works
i enjoy watching them learn
i enjoy hearing them try to say my name
(i've totally accepted the fact that my name is now mrs. boy)
i enjoy seeing them grow into good friends, especially my friends
i enjoy hearing them use their words
(if i could count how many times i day i say....use your words not your body to solve your problems...that would be a huge number!)
i enjoy seeing their faith in me and other adults
i enjoy getting hugs from them (but only after they ask first....its a rule in my class you have to ask before you touch someone's body)
i enjoy helping them solve problems
i enjoy watching them work (aka to most
and until last year,
i never thought that i would be able to teach kids who don't speak english
i learned last year,
i can do it!
its no different than teaching another child how to talk....
lots of labeling
picture finding

however, i somehow said...OK to helping teach the parent academy at my school.
i'm totally shocked...nervous.....confused.....anxious as to what i'm supposed to do to teach these parents, the same parents whose children speak no english :/
i know....developmentally....these parents don't need center time to figure things out....but when it comes to teaching, i'm totally that kind of teacher....i teach through centers.

i guess it will be a learning experience for me,
and i guess i will just have to find out as it happens
so here's to teaching people who are my height....or there abouts!
(no matter what language they may speak!)

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phyzz said...

I just adore reading what YOU write about your teaching and your neat 'friends' You're an awesome teacher!...[pretty partial, eh, Teach?!]
(((hugs)))--uh oh, should I've asked first....?