Friday, November 28, 2008

mosaic meme

i stole this from allison
she filled out this survey months ago....
but i remembered it
and decided when i had a blog
i wanted to "fill" out this survey

thanks allison
for giving me something to do
This is a mosaic meme created by me, about me, but using public photos.

Wanna Try it?!?!

Here’s how it works . . .Answer each of the questions below.
Surf over to Flickr (set up an account if you don’t have one–it’s quick and easy) and type your answers (one at a time) into the search bar.From the choice of pictures shown only on the front page, click on the one that moves you.Once the page with your picture opens, copy the URL.Surf over to the Mosaic Maker, set up your mosaic, and paste your URLs. Click “Create!”

The Questions: and my answers
1. What is your first name? l.o.v.
2. What is your favorite food? popcorn
3. What high school did you attend? east carteret (i didn't like any pictures for "northern")
4. What is your favorite color? purple
5. Who is your celebrity crush? joel mchale
6. What is your favorite drink? woodchuck
7. Where would you go on your dream vacation? northern lights
8. What is your favorite dessert? keylime pie
9. What do you want to be when you grow up? teacher
10. What do you love most in life? faith
11. Choose one word to describe you? laughter
12. Your Flickr name? lov

Thursday, November 27, 2008

happy turkey day!!!

on this day 13 turkey days ago,
i was marching through the streets of
new york city
with my high school band
in the macy's thanksgiving day parade.

it was an unbelievable experience
something that i will never ever forget
something i will always be thankful for

but today,
on thanksgiving
i am thankful to be able to have
warm clothes
a warm place to be .... inside
the option to stay in bed til a decent hour
(which were NOT options 13 years ago)
an amazing meal

great conversation
good laughs
and most importantly
time to be with my family

today and for the next few days to come!



and.....happy birthday allison and alyson!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

happy in my heart

"that makes me happy in my heart"
is a phrase i say a lot with my little friends

this past few weeks,
i personally have had a hard time feeling "happy in my heart"
when it comes to work
i really have had way more times in my days where i was feeling "sad in my heart"
i have felt so overwhelmed with particular things that i have been neglecting to focus on the things that made me "happy in my heart"

so here are somethings that made me say
"that makes me happy in my heart"

1. hearing one of my friends "use his words" for the first time.
we have had a long and hard battle with how he handles his frustration....and watching him solve his problem by using his words and then walking away gave me the greatest feeling of accomplishment..... (we just wont talk about the fact that he kicked the snot out of someone less than 10 minutes later)

2. SNOW (and 2 hour delays)

3. laughing so hard at this letter from a parent

yes she wrote it to.....
mrs. boy

4. getting to wear jeans to work :)

5. "special teacher's meetings" with school bff and others! :)

6. when my friends from last year come by to say hey in the morning.

7. hearing one of my friends say to another friend (while rubbing his back)
"are you making good choices today?"

8. finding new materials for the sensory table, science center, and art center at the dollar tree!

9. kindergarten thanksgiving feast.....and hearing all the kiddos say what they are thankful for

10. my friends trying to earn a trip to the "pizza party" by being caring

11. kiddos coming to school like this

12. pe week=no recess
usually this would make me sad that my kiddos don't get to go outside
but with no recess my friends get a whole hour in learning centers

13. getting kids names off the angel tree

14. getting gifts for the angel tree kids.....and not breaking the bank! :)

15. last bankable day of the month (aka payday!!)

16. hearing the popcorn song

17. my little friends writing our class book.
(each week we make a book based on our predictable not only do they feel accomplished that they can read the book when they are done, but they love to look at their pictures)

18. realizing i still have no concept of how to teach ordinals
(you know; first, second, third, fourth, fifth, etc.)
each time i try, i end up laughing at myself!

19. hearing my kiddos sing the "days of the week" song to figure out what tomorrow is

20. realizing that one of my little friends looks just like a babydoll in our class.....
and laughing so hard about it that i couldn't breathe

even if i have a lot going on,
which tends to make my heart sad
i am oh so glad and thankful that
no matter what,
i have moments each day that
"make me happy in my heart"

Sunday, November 23, 2008

39....from allison

thanks allison for letting me steal this from you!!! :)

39 Things You Can't Possibly Know About Me

1) What is in the back seat of your car right now? in baxter .... an umbrella
in theodore....currently stuff for flake's race today

2) Name 3 people who you talked to today? robin and flake (thats it so far)
3) What were you doing at 8 am this morning? wondering why i was feeling so icky
4) What were you doing 30 minutes ago? trying to figure out if i am considered "highly qualified" in texas?!?! still NO clue!
5) What is your favorite board game? candyland (i play it a lot with my little friends at school)
6) Have you ever been to a strip club? a band i like was playing in yeah, but the only reason i know it was a strip club was because someone told me....i saw no naked bodies!
7) What is the best ice cream flavor? good old vanilla
8) What are you wearing right now? hoodie, lounge pants, fuzzy socks
9) What was the last thing you ate? wheat thins
10) Have you bought any new clothing items this week? nope....its been a while
11) What's the last sporting event you watched? last sunday i went to cyclocross with flaker
12) If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go? somewhere with lots of snow, a cabin, and a fire
13) Who is the last person you sent a message to on Myspace? i deleted my myspace about a month ago! never thought i would!
14) Ever go camping? yes, its been a while....
15) Have you ever lost anything down a toilet? nothing of importance....i flushed a kidney stone one time....even though the doctor needed to test it....i just couldn't see picking it out! :/
16) Do you use smiley faces on the computer a lot? yes....and in texting
17) Are you someone's best friend? yes i am! :) and boy am i thankful for that!
18) What are you doing today? and i are hanging out, i'm feeling icky, she is taking care of licking me
19) Where is your mom right now? probably leaving church
20) Look to your left, what do you see? laundry basket
21) What color is your watch? which fav is a toy story watch....and it is lots of colors....(i was holding out for a barry watch :))
22) What do you think of when you think of Australia? funny accents
23) Do you have a dog? sure do....diesel
24) Do you love someone right now? yep....i do i do
25) Have you met anyone famous? don't think so
26) Any plans tomorrow? work (and wear jeans....which should make for a good day!!)
27) Are you happy? yes....and icky feeling too
28) Where are you right now? on the couch
29) Favorite pair of shoes? crocs, and i never ever thought i would want a pair, but now that i have a pair, i can't wear them enough!
30) Are you jealous of anyone? sure, even though i pray about it a lot
31) Is anyone jealous of you? i'm sure! i mean, wouldn't you want to be living with the evil cat too!! :/
32) What time is it? 12:13
33) Do any of your friends have children? yeah
34) What do you usually do during the day? work
35) Do you hate anyone right now? no, but there are people i really don't get along with
36) Do you use the word 'hello' daily? sure do.....especially monday - friday....while greeting my kiddos when they come into our class
37) How many kids do you want to have? i'm thinking 2 or 3, but only god knows for sure
38) How old will you be turning on your next birthday?30
39) How did you get one of your scars? a cat bit me ...... but it was not the turbo cat

Friday, November 21, 2008


i love waking up to snow!

even if it is just a itty bitty tiny bit.....
it is SNOW!!!!!!!!

so i'm hoping
with this early snow (for where we live)
we will have a COLD!!!!!!!!! winter
(and brookebaberfarr is praying for the opposite!)

either way, i'm cheering for snow!!

go snow go!

*****the day just got even better cause our schools are running on a two hour delay....
which technically means i get 2 hours to work without the kiddos this morning!
i think god is trying to remind me that he is with me....every moment of every day.....
but that it a totally different story....for a different day!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

baby its cold outside! :)

this morning i woke up
and was totally excited to see
current temperature: 21 degrees
high: 41 degrees
i was soooo excited
winter is right around the corner
i love winter
i love the cold
i love the smell
i love seeing my breath in the air
i love the holidays
i love the sounds in the air
i love the songs
i love the fires
i love the clothes
i love using blankets
i love being so cold i want to snuggle
i love scarfs
i love toboggans
i love big fluffy jackets
but my most favorite things about winter is
getting to wear mittens
i love mittens!
having really fat fingers,
i have always had a hard time finding gloves to fit my hands
so i discovered mittens
i just love them!
i love when my fingers get to stay warm together
i love that my fingers don't feel crowded in them
i love how cute they look
i just plain love mittens!!!

to understand, you just have to see with your own eyes

i have store bought mittens ..... totally cute, totally useful

and i have nina made mittens....just my size, totally cute, totally useful

currently i have 15 pairs of mittens,
(i have two pair of nina made black ones....not sure why!?!?)
and each and every pair is special to me
but the nina made mittens are extremely special to me.

nina, my grandmother, has been knitting forever
and each and every time she ask me what i would like
my response is....
over the years i have gotten so many pairs from her
but each pair has a special place in my heart
i know one day, (i pray many years from now)
i will cherish these mittens even more than i do
in this very....cold....moment
but until that day
my fingers will be happy to be warm together! :)

Sunday, November 16, 2008

people in your neighborhood

sesame street said it best when they taught us this song....
oh, who are the people in your neighborhood?
in your neighborhood?
in your neighborhood?
say, who are the people in your neighborhood?
the people that you meet each day!

this past friday, my little friends at school got the joy of learning all about community helpers.
and i got the fun job (along with my grade level) of helping them learn! :0)
each one of us kindergarten teacher picked a "job" that we wanted to teach all the kids about.
i was totally excited to give my friends, and all the kindergarten kiddos, a personal experience and let them know that they could one day grow up to be something special to their own community!

oh, the postman always brings the mail
through rain or snow or sleet or hail
i'll work and work the whole day through
to get your letters safe to you

cause a postman is a person in your neighborhood

in your neighborhood
he's in your neighborhood
a postman is a person in your neighborhood
a person that you meet each day

dr. gabs and i
had a lot of fun
dressing up to help
our little friends learn!
and needless to say,
i don't think our little friends
will ever forget the day
their silly teachers
came to school dressed up like
people in their neighborhood.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

blog stalking #3

blog title: FOUTFOLK
author: garth and ildi
the goods:
last year i was fortunate enough to meet fout (garth)
he was our art teacher
fout was always willing and able to talk :)
and share knowledge of things
some days i would walk away from fout and ponder
some days i would walk away from fout and wonder
but every day i would walk away from fout laughing

fout and his family moved to ohio,
they are in search of a simpler life
but that means that i no longer have the daily conversations from fout that tell me about all the many things he knew (even if i could have cared less), not to mention there is NO one on the car rider duty that even cares any more! :( fout always had his own way of getting things done....and they worked!
so reading his blog.....allows me to have those moments where i ponder, wonder, and find my self laughing

*on another note....
right before flake and i got married, i happened upon a piece of work fout had done. it was a scribble picture (or so i would call it) of an actual picture of his family. i was quite amazed by it, and asked him if he could do the same thing for me....
this is what i got

us...the foutwork


us...the original

Monday, November 10, 2008

new header

as i sat and made a new blog header for my blog
i made a cute cute one for winter
(which i have to say i can't wait for)
and i made one for christmas
(which i have to say i also can't wait for)

however, i was frustrated that i was unable to make something cute
that represented sunflowers, l.o.v., and thanksgiving....
what to do .... what to do

being the annoying wife i am, i complained....
and good old flake came to my rescue
he sat down ..... and came up with the cute sunflower dog turkey header for me! :)

and he realized how addicting making the headers can be! :)

Thursday, November 6, 2008

pahamas, bahamas, pajamas

no matter how say it....
today was.....pahama, bahama, pajama, pj day at school! :)
i was totally excited to get to wear my pajamas all day long, so much so that i had to go out and buy a new pair this past weekend! :)

today was also literacy we spent our entire day reading or doing things that helped us to be better readers.

we had friends visit our class and read to us

we had time to read by our selves

we had time to look at books we had never seen before

we made a bookmark (for a HUGE book!) for the bookmark contest.

we love the book quick as a cricket, so we made a bookmark to represent that book and hung it outside on the wall to be judged.

we just had a great time doing this

all day!! :)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

blog stalking #2

blog title: Out on a Whim: Whimsical thinking with Annalee and Company
author: annalee
the goods: this is my first true blog stalking blog....
i don't know annalee
however i like her name.....wonder why?!?!
i found annalee's blog by comment clicking .... true blog stalking at its best :)
i became quite interested in annalee's blog when i realized that she was a kindergarten teacher.
but what got me hooked on her page was her "life long conversation" story about her relationship with her husband. she broke their story up into 15 parts, and i must was a great story! :)
through reading her blog, i have come to know that annalee is a god-fearing christian, who loves and adores her family, and she and her husband also have a precious baby girl, who annalee just happens to writes many blogs about :)

because of annalee's blog, i have started reading about her nephew witt

witt was born october 23,

and he needs our prayers
his parents need our prayers
his family needs our prayers

witt's time on our earth will be short
but his time here will be spent surrounded by people that love for him and care for him and praise god for knowing him.

(the button should take you to his page too)

Sunday, November 2, 2008

why flake?!?!

i like nicknames

growing up i had two
my daddy called me baby darling which has now been shortened to b.d.
my mama called me lamb

but when it came to what others called name was never shortened, and the only thing other than my given name that i went by .... was laok

so to make up for the lack of never really having a nickname....
i've found a deep appreciation for giving nicknames to other people

d.d. (daddy darling)

fill this

paulie wallie

baby cakes
sweet boy

brookebaberfarr (all one word)

robin bird
butt monkey

amanda gene


a run



bef get the point

so...when i met flake....
i knew him by his name...
but found out shortly that his friends called him flake
i was totally curious as to why he was called flake...
(as i'm sure you have wondered why on earth i would refer to my husband as flake)
i mean, in my opinion....he didn't seem stupid, so i was unsure why they would call him "flake"
so one day i asked...

and here is why i now refer to him as flake....

he worked as a manager in a pizza place here in town....
he hired one of his close friends, andy ....
andy overheard the kitchen staff referring to the manager as cornflake....
andy found it so funny, that he went back and told all their other friends to call him cornflake...which has now been shortened to flake.

when it comes to why i call him flake in the blog...
he chooses that to be his "internet name"
so....i being the respectful person i am...
i will call him flake! :)

Saturday, November 1, 2008

i'm so glad

i'm so glad its fall! :)
i'm so glad that leaves are changing!
i'm so glad that god's beauty is all around us!
i'm so glad that it is cold outside!
i'm so glad i live close enough to the mountains to enjoy them!
i'm so glad that flake puts up with my year long question of...
"when can we go see the leaves?"
i'm so glad i'm a lucky girl! :)