Tuesday, November 11, 2008

blog stalking #3

blog title: FOUTFOLK
author: garth and ildi
the goods:
last year i was fortunate enough to meet fout (garth)
he was our art teacher
fout was always willing and able to talk :)
and share knowledge of things
some days i would walk away from fout and ponder
some days i would walk away from fout and wonder
but every day i would walk away from fout laughing

fout and his family moved to ohio,
they are in search of a simpler life
but that means that i no longer have the daily conversations from fout that tell me about all the many things he knew (even if i could have cared less), not to mention there is NO one on the car rider duty that even cares any more! :( fout always had his own way of getting things done....and they worked!
so reading his blog.....allows me to have those moments where i ponder, wonder, and find my self laughing

*on another note....
right before flake and i got married, i happened upon a piece of work fout had done. it was a scribble picture (or so i would call it) of an actual picture of his family. i was quite amazed by it, and asked him if he could do the same thing for me....
this is what i got

us...the foutwork


us...the original

1 comment:

foutfolk said...

You can't blog BOUT BLOGGERS silly! Just kidding. It is an honor to have you mention me in your life. I really enjoyed working with you and your DIRECT approach to life. (however I was shocked at calling correct names for body part in kindergarten) And the poem about me was great. :)