Wednesday, November 19, 2008

baby its cold outside! :)

this morning i woke up
and was totally excited to see
current temperature: 21 degrees
high: 41 degrees
i was soooo excited
winter is right around the corner
i love winter
i love the cold
i love the smell
i love seeing my breath in the air
i love the holidays
i love the sounds in the air
i love the songs
i love the fires
i love the clothes
i love using blankets
i love being so cold i want to snuggle
i love scarfs
i love toboggans
i love big fluffy jackets
but my most favorite things about winter is
getting to wear mittens
i love mittens!
having really fat fingers,
i have always had a hard time finding gloves to fit my hands
so i discovered mittens
i just love them!
i love when my fingers get to stay warm together
i love that my fingers don't feel crowded in them
i love how cute they look
i just plain love mittens!!!

to understand, you just have to see with your own eyes

i have store bought mittens ..... totally cute, totally useful

and i have nina made mittens....just my size, totally cute, totally useful

currently i have 15 pairs of mittens,
(i have two pair of nina made black ones....not sure why!?!?)
and each and every pair is special to me
but the nina made mittens are extremely special to me.

nina, my grandmother, has been knitting forever
and each and every time she ask me what i would like
my response is....
over the years i have gotten so many pairs from her
but each pair has a special place in my heart
i know one day, (i pray many years from now)
i will cherish these mittens even more than i do
in this very....cold....moment
but until that day
my fingers will be happy to be warm together! :)

1 comment:

Bobby and Brooke said...

I have missed your blogging!!! Where have you been?!?!?!

I know you love this cold weather and that's the only thing that makes me smile on days when I'm freezing...I know God brings the cold to make you a happy woman!

I love ya!