Tuesday, November 4, 2008

blog stalking #2

blog title: Out on a Whim: Whimsical thinking with Annalee and Company
author: annalee
the goods: this is my first true blog stalking blog....
i don't know annalee
however i like her name.....wonder why?!?!
i found annalee's blog by comment clicking .... true blog stalking at its best :)
i became quite interested in annalee's blog when i realized that she was a kindergarten teacher.
but what got me hooked on her page was her "life long conversation" story about her relationship with her husband. she broke their story up into 15 parts, and i must say....it was a great story! :)
through reading her blog, i have come to know that annalee is a god-fearing christian, who loves and adores her family, and she and her husband also have a precious baby girl, who annalee just happens to writes many blogs about :)

because of annalee's blog, i have started reading about her nephew witt

witt was born october 23,

and he needs our prayers
his parents need our prayers
his family needs our prayers

witt's time on our earth will be short
but his time here will be spent surrounded by people that love for him and care for him and praise god for knowing him.

(the button should take you to his page too)


Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Fervent prayers for Witt are being offered, thanks for making me aware of this precious baby, his family, and their needs.

Allison Bernauer said...

Thanks for sharing this blog. I read the entire thing and I am praying for baby Witt. I know first hand that it is scary to have a baby in NICU but I cannot imagine what they are going through with so many unknowns. I am so glad you are a blog stalker introducing me to new blogs so I can be one too!!