Tuesday, October 28, 2008

blog stalking #1

this is my first installment on blog stalking

i've decided to give you a glimpse into the blogs i feel the need to stalk on a frequent basis
some are people i know, some....not so much
but their stories pull me in, and i feel the need to continue to go back to their page

(fyi: the blog titles....are clickable)
blog title: The Farr Family
author: Bobby and Brooke (however I think it could be just Brooke)
the goods:
i met brooke before she was a farr....

back when our lives revolved around discussing important things like.....
-why it is important to name a car
(some things never change)
-the movie toy story....and how much we loved woody :) (and how much we thought buzz was dumb) (again, somethings never change)
-chorus songs and dances
-who we thought was cool enough to be our friends......(ha!)
-debating on who was better .... big bird or marvin the martian (really.....)

I did my very best to influence brooke in the best ways possible.
i tried my best to teach her about how cool it would be to wear her clothes like I did
(for some reason it didn't work)

i tried my best to convince her that she needed to live closer to me
(for some reason it didn't work)

i tried my best to explain to her how awesome big bird was....
and how marvin the martian was a little off
(for some reason it didn't work)

eventually, i gave up, and decided to allow brooke to teach me

over the years, through her actions, brooke has taught me
what it means to be a true friend
what it means to stay connected
what it means to be genuine
what it means to be an awesome christian
what it means to have a good time
what it means to be a good wife
what it means to be a good teacher

i am, and will always be, forever grateful to brooke for all the life lessons she has taught me.
what excites me the most about her blog is that even though she is not in the same town as me, she allows me to be part of her family and her life through her blog.

i get to keep up with what her little ones are doing, and how she....as a mommy, wife, teacher, christian handles it all!
(and she lets me make her headers too....which i think is so fun!!)

i hope you
enjoy her blog
as much as i do!


Mrs. Goodneedle said...

What a sweet tribute to a great friend! I've never heard of Marvin.

Allison Bernauer said...

I am a blog stalker too! I know I have a problem and I am ok with it. Love this post. Very sweet!

Bobby and Brooke said...

I'll say something more when I stop crying!!!! Love ya!!!

The Darling Dukes said...

I'm with Brooke...that was SO sweet I needed tissues! Love your blog...I think I might have to start stalking it. Oh, and btw, I want you to make me a header too! Yours and Brooke's are the best!