Tuesday, December 2, 2008

blog stalking #4

blog title: matt, liz and madeline
author: matt logelin
the goods: i started reading matt's blog, when leah posted about him.
the blog focuses on maddy, matt's daughter, and matt's day to day life. matt's post are full of sweet pictures, and heart warming stories about this precious baby girl.

matt began his blog before maddy was even thought of, but as expected, when matt and his wife, liz, grew closer to becoming parents, matt's topics of choice shifted. when maddy arrived on march 24 of this year, you can imagine there was a precious post. (wanna read it??) the happiness that is expected during this time, was changed 27 short hours later when liz passed away. to completely understand what happened, it helps to start reading here.

matt and maddy have been blessed on a daily basis, by people who don't even know them, but have become attached to them through matt's blog. (like you will!!!) matt is very matter of fact, especially when it comes to liz. he uses words that my mama would gasp over, however, if you are ok with that, or can look past it, i think you will fall in love with his blog as much as i have!!

happy reading!! :)

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Bobby and Brooke said...

Wow! Powerful! Thanks for sharing!