Sunday, December 7, 2008

it is just mean

for some reason i wake up most mornings before it is socially acceptable
most of the time, i don't know why, it just happens,
and then i find myself looking for things to do
this morning is no different, except for this morning i know why i'm awake
( sinus pressure....)
i woke up around 2:15, and after 45 minutes of tossing, i decided to get up
most of the time, on mornings like this, i have some good blog stalking quite time until the races begin

around 4 each morning turbo begins her races
the flipping cat runs from one end of our apartment (full speed) to the other
and back again.....for about an hour straight
(how flake can sleep though this, i'm not sure, because part of her racetrack includes the bed...and the pillows...)

this totally frustrates me.....
if i am able to sleep until 4, she wakes me up with this annoying behavior....
which as you can imagine, does not make me happy in the least bit! :/

this morning has been no different, when it comes to the race
she has been going and going....
but she has a new trick
which she started about 2 weeks ago
her newest trick isn't one that i'm excited about either
in fact i think it frustrates me more than when she runs on the pillows
(and that is a lot)

turbo now runs runs runs, then will stop and sit beside me at the computer for a few minutes and face the guest room door.....mind you, the guest room, could also be know as the "diesel's sleeps in her crate" room.....she will turn her head back towards the front door, then back towards the guest room door.....over and over

and then it happens,
she slowly walks towards the front door, turns around
then takes off
and pounces on the guest room door
which makes it fly open
and then....
she hisses the meanest loudest hiss
and then runs away....

why has that cat got to be so mean
and why ....
does she feel the need to wake every living animal in this apartment up at ungodly hours, just for her own pleasure.

all i can say,
that poor dog
has got to be thinking
"lord honey, haint i been momicked this day!"


Just A Mom (call me JAM for short) said...

Stopping by to say hello. Found you over on Blog Around The World. Cats... you've got to love them. I've got one of my own that thinks he's a rooster. When he was younger he would race around the house and wake everyone up. Now he just starts howling every morning at 6:00 AM!

Baby Steps said...

That makes me laugh out loud. Cats just aren't right!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

This is just plain mean, I agree...