Saturday, January 10, 2009


its ok to be random from time to time
and this is one of those times for me
random part 1
jam tagged me a few days back with a picture challenge.
the fourth picture in the fourth folder challenge
since i had already done that challenge a few weeks ago
see here
i tried to come up with a new way to complete the challenge for her
you know like 5th picture in the 5th folder...
or something
then i found myself looking through pictures....
and trying to figure out....why i shouldn't post them all....
i have so many favorite pictures......
i guess that is why they are all somewhere in a frame....
looking back at me daily
so i decided to post a few for you!

this is me and my best friend robbie
playing outside
on a hurricane day
(you know, its just like a snow day, except you are out of school because of a hurricane instead of snow!)
we had a blast that day! :)

this is me and the flake
sitting on the stoop outside my old apartment the day i graduated from uncg.
it was a great day
for oh so many reasons
either way, i adore this picture
i have it sitting on my desk at remind me of how special each god given day is

ahh what a great day!
getting married to my flake :)
surrounded by our loving family and friends....
what could make it any better than this?!?!
in my case...
it would be...having my daddy be the one who marries me and my love! :)

ahh relay for life
i was there with my team from school
and our theme was something to do with disney
but for some reason we had a lot of swimmy things
so i felt the need to wear the floaties
one problem
i couldn't put them on, when they were inflated
so flake decided to blow them up for me....once i had them on!
the reason i love this picture....
other than it is cute
is that my friend amanda told me...that by seeing this picture, she knew flake was the one for me! :)

fourth of july
before the fire works
at roaring gap country club
i still can't stop laughing
as all of us....
walked up to the club....
with our tarp
and our cooler of drinks
seeing the looks on all the "classy" people
who were dressed like they were going out for a night on the town
with their fancy table to sit at
:) it was completely awesome!

i could totally look for pictures for days! :)
thanks jam for letting me share memories with all of you!

random part 2....
the other day i posted .... would you rather
i loved reading all your responses!
:) they were so great!
baby steps asked what my answers were....
so .....
here they are
would you rather eat leftovers or eat a school lunch?
leftovers.....but if i got my choice i would eat pb&j ever day! :)

would you rather use the kiddie bathroom in the classroom or hold it?
hold it.....
as much as my urologist would hate to hear that....
i hold my pee until 1:05 every day.....
unless it is a "stone passing" day....
then i go like 30 times a day! :)

would you rather tie shoes or blow a nose?
99% of the time ...... i don't do either!
for shoes....i say....ask a friend to help you
for noses....i'll coach them through it....but the only time i help hold the tissue is if they are having a bloody nose....

would you rather use liquid glue or glue sticks?
personally i think it depends on the project at hand....
but when it comes to the kids....
i want them to use liquid glue.....just so they learn the concept
but ..... i do give them a choice from time to time .... depending on the project! :)

would you rather sit in a little chair or on the floor?
either is fine
it depends on what they are doing
i sit in the chair if we are all at a table
or on the floor when we are working in a group
i don't care either way
however i find it very funny when parents come in to talk to me, and i have them sit in a little chair....
most of the time they look at me like i'm dumb!

would you rather put things away the right way or allow the kids to do their best?
i let the kids do it all the time, i mean, if they made the mess, they clean it up...right??
about once a month, i pick a specific center to go into .... and will talk to them about how we should clean it up the right way....
but other than that....i let them do it
and .... for the most part....they clean things up the way i would like, because of a lot of modeling on my part at the beginning of the year! :)

random part 3
thanks to the rambler
for teaching me how to make a button

<a href="" target="_blank"><img border="0" alt="Photobucket" src=""/></a> your job
take it!
put it on your blog!
and if you have one ..... tell me so i can steal it for my blog!
and if you don't have one.... tell me, and if you need help making one.....i'll do what i can to help you make one or make one for you! :)
if you get a button,
tell all your friends to grab it,
and to make one too!
its fun!

random part 4
i said a few post back that i wanted to make my own blog awards
i've been busy doing this!
but now, i want you all to have them.... all!
but i really have decided that maybe it would mean more if each of you got your very own! :)
so today i'm going to gift just one
to hannes
who is a guest blogger on mrs. g's blog from time to time....

cause hannes, you're the reason dogger and blogger rhyme! :)


Kristen said...

You are so fun. I loved reading your random things.
Mr.C and I play kickball with some teachers and you guys are so cute...well now that I'm too old to be taught!

Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) said...

Whoa, you've been a busy blogger! Love the pictures! My fun favorite: Hurricane day. My sentimental favorite: Wedding pic.

Oh my gosh, my own personal award?! I'll be waiting!!

BTW, I sent one of my bloggy friends over your way. Randi is very sweet and was asking me how to make a button. I was clueless (my 12 yr old made mine), so I said you might be able to help her. Hope you don't mind.

Kyle and Aly said...

I loved each of your random things and thanks for the mention in the earlier post! You're so sweet. One of the most genuine and sweetest people I've ever known. Much love, Aly

Danielle Banks said...

I loved looking at your favorite pictures. What fun!

Thanks for my button and header!!

the RaMbLeR said...

Awesome pics!! You and Flake are so cute together...and seein him blow up the floatie for you would have been a sure sign for me too... ;)

WOOHOO!! I 'lov' your button!! I added it over with my others. Thanks for showin me some bloggy lov.

Randi Troxell said...

loooved the hurricane one! oh and i finally figured out the button, you should check it out at my blog (its on the right side all the way down) thanks for the code and directions you helped out bunched!!