Monday, January 5, 2009

"not me!" monday

through blogstalking
i've come across this awesome way to blog!
i found it on mckmama's blog write a blog
telling everything you did during the day
(or past week....or whatever)
but write it in a way that says....
"no, not me...i didn't do that!!"
go here to get the complete "rules"'s to my first...."not me!" monday!!

-i did not wake up at an ungodly hour
-i did not spend 2 hours on the internet wasting time, when i should have been getting ready for work
-i did not get totally worked up over the email from my principal stating that starting second semester many changes will be made with the school wide master schedule....and on top of that i for sure did not get worked into a frenzy thinking how to follow the new schedule without upsetting the routine one of my kiddos thrives on
-i did not mess with flake until he woke up
-i did not "forget" to feed the cat
-i did not spend more time picking out my mismatched socks than i did on my hair and picking out the rest of my outfit!
-i did not feel scared to walk to my car...because it was still dark
-i did not feel rushed as soon as i got in the car
-i did not get it was the first day of school all over again
-i did not get to school and panic because i should not have spent so much time on the internet this morning
-i did not totally waste time in the office with i do every "school day"
-i did not freak as soon as i got back to my class....because i should have not spent so much time on the internet or talking to norma
-i did not greet each one of my little friends with a huge smile on my face....and i totally did not feel excited to see each of them, or hug each of them
-i did not let my excitement wear off as soon as the bell rang, because i was overwhelmed
-i did not totally want to start over the day 10 times, because my friends had forgotten all their school expectations
-i did not forget to write the morning message....and i totally did not turn it into a learning experience...and have the kiddos help me write it
-i did not forget to change the calendar....and again, use the whole changing of the calendar (new month, new year, new season etc) as a learning experience
-i did not act out each "job" before literacy centers....and for sure i did not ask...."Are you making a good choice?" during centers to each and every child like 12 times
-i did not say "walk away" less than 100 times during small reading groups
-i did not say..."this is not a bathroom time" all during whole group
-i did not dread math centers....after the whole literacy center fiasco
-i did not almost forget to get lunch at 10:45 for one of my friends who was leaving early....
-i did not make it though the morning and for sure i did not feel like the kids were doing a great job...oh and i did not want to jump for joy when lunch time came!
-i did not decide it would be better to stay in my room during lunch, to "wait" for the van to pick up the friend who was leaving early.....and for sure i did not stay in my room after he left, and then pretended that he had just gone when the kids got back....
-i did not forget to send a friend for his medicine after lunch....thank god he remembered!
-i did not put my head on my desk while my kiddos were in specials
-i did not pick my kids up from specials a minute or two late because i was talking to my special friend's new friend who will come every afternoon to work with him .... until! (god bless her!)
-i did not enjoy every moment of packing up time, recess, and learning (aka play) centers
-i did not dread dismissal.....however, i did not allow my special friend's new friend to work through this process with him, while i did not worry about the other 18 kiddos who are entrusted in my care!
-i did not drag my feet to my staff meeting.....
-i did not write this entire list in my staff meeting, which happened to not last until 5:00
-i did not doodle, text, and do all sorts of other things that i would totally get in trouble for if i was not able to totally multi-task
-i did not day dream about dinner
-i did not post this while i was waiting for the parents to come for parent academy
-and....i will not crash like nothing else when i finally get home....after being at school for 13 hours straight hours today

last....i totally, for sure, did not enjoy this one bit
so much so that i totally, for sure, will not ever do it again
especially next monday!
nope, not me!


The Darling Dukes said...

I totally DO NOT love that!

Anonymous said...

It sounds like your first day back did not go well. ;)

Cammie said...

visiting from blogstalkers....that is a pretty impressive list for your first not me monday!

Bobby and Brooke said...

Okay so that kind of confused me but at the same time I totally got it because it sounded a lot like my day...only I would have to add "I did not sit in my office "pumping" for 20 minutes"

annalee said...

oh how i loved this post! i felt like i was teaching kindergarten again as all those first day back after holiday feelings rushed back. i especially enjoyed the "are you making a good choice?" oh, how i wish i knew how many times i've said that one.

also, i am sorry i am terribly overdo in saying this, but thank you so much for sharing about my blog and witt's blog. the prayers truly mean more than we are able to say. and i can't think of any greater compliments than what you said about me. i am honored that those things show through writing. thank you!