Saturday, June 6, 2009


this past tuesday
i went to the doctor
because my foot
had been hurting
since the previous wednesday
the same foot
that 13 years before
i had broken during a chorus show
while singing, and dancing,
to this song

as you can imagine...
it was not only amazing but also awesome and way cool (not to mention FUNNY that i actually hurt myself!)

so last wednesday morning....
i put both my feet on the floor, stretched my body, and then went to stand up...
and then it hit me
my foot hurt
it hurt in the same way
that i remember my foot hurting on that night so many years ago....
but....what ever...
i realized that not only did i have to get over it but that it would get better and i wouldn't even think about it in an hour....
so off i went, i got ready, i went on with my day...and thought it would fix itself once i got going...

it did not,
but in fact....
it hurt each and every time i put pressure on it....each and every time i took a step....
and seemed to get worse
so i went on with thursday
still hurting
friday...still hurting
saturday....still hurting
sunday....still hurting
monday...still hurting
tuesday....still hurting...
thankfully i had a doctor's appointment for some blood work that afternoon, and i got them to take a look at my foot. before i even saw the doctor, they went ahead and did some xrays...then moved me to a room
i sat....and sat....
and then the doctor came in with the good and bad news
she said....well
it is not broken but is fractured and you have a sprain
then she asked what had happened...
to be quiet honest
i don't know
so i'm assuming....
i fractured it while running one day....
the same day that i fell while i was running
my hip hurt that day
and my ankle did....but nothing more than my hip
but enough that i must have been protecting it while walking....
resulting in a sprain
it just makes me laugh!

so as i sit here today....
the first day i have been able to just sit...
and put my foot up....and do NOTHING
i've had time to makes me realize that my ankle
is just like my heart right now
it is not broken but is fractured and is hurting being away from my flake
i miss him
i am happy for him...yet
i am sad to be away from him
i am excited for him and all his new experiences....yet
i am frustrated that he is experiencing texas with out me
i realize that all of this is a test & a gift from God
we will work hard to pass this test,
the whole being away from each other will continue to not be the easiest,
but we realize this will benefit us and make us stronger in so many ways.


phyzz said...

Glad to hear that you ARE sitting & resting! Now, here I sit, reading & pondering the philosophy of my Lamb, who knows that breaks heal with time & care, that to everything there's a season, & that Love extends far & long, deep & wide--l0ve y0u...

Kristina P. said...

Leigh, you take care of yourself!!

Less than one week until Joel!!!

Upstatemomof3 said...

Okay, I admit I had to laugh about your foot. Not that you are hurt but that you don't know how. See, my best friend broke her ankle getting up off the couch a few months back and that is just funny. :)
But in te end this is just a beautiful post and it made me cry. I am praying for you and your husband.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

I'm sad knowing that you're in pain and happy at the same time to know that you understand how temporary this is in the whole scheme of things. Sending you hugs, glad you're able to prop your foot and take care of YOU!

Melissa said...

You poor thing! I'm glad to hear that you booked your flight to see him, a much anticipated trip I'm sure. In the meantime, get that foot better!