Saturday, May 2, 2009

oh april

oh april was such a busy month for me!
i never realized it would keep me so busy OR that i would stay away from blogger and my bloggy friends for so long, but it did!
i had been thinking that all of you were just left wondering what was going on with me, but then i realized that april was kind enough to hack into my account and give you an update on my whereabouts!
thank goodness for the dear sweet month of april!

april was so full for me, and i'm excited for all the fun that i experienced, yet so excited that MAY is here! (and i do hope may will not need to hack into my account!)

while i was gone.......
my brother got married!

he and his beautiful wife had the first of their three weddings.
this first wedding was on easter sunday at my parents church and home.
it was an exciting time, for all of us and was totally a family affair!
paul and andreea, along with a few helping hands, prepared ALL the food for a traditional romanian easter feast. (andreea is romainian)
andreea's mother arranged all the flowers,
my father preformed the ceremony,
and everyone else helped in every possible way.....especially when it came time to eat!

i also ran(most of) my first 5k.

it was a fun training journey,
which i learned a lot....made new friends...and remembered why i enjoyed running!
so i'm looking forward to running another 5k....beating my time, and running the entire thing!
OH and i hope to keep a smile on my face....and not look like i do in the picture at the top left of this collage....i look like i was hating life!

we went camping
and for some reason, i don't have many pictures from the adventure....
but the memories i have will last for many years to come!
we left town after work on a friday afternoon, and headed up to the nicest campground i have ever stayed in, only problem....we couldn't find it!
we (flake & i, along with a group of friends) traveled up in 4 separate cars, none of us leaving at the same time, and every one of us got lost when the directions ran out!
after we finally got there, and got settled, the adventure began.
we had a blast, and i learned a few things....

*take socks for he doesn't have to wear mine when he gets cold at night....

(and yes he has one on inside out!)

*when we go tubing, I WILL GET WET! despite what flake tries to convince me of.....i now know that there is NO possible way to not get drenched!!!!! or loose your sun glasses....or stay warm in mountain water in the middle of april!

*when the camp host warns you to put ALL coolers away at night....into the the bear who has never come this far into the campsite, but who does live around these parts will not get into your things.....he means.....PUT YOUR COOLER AWAY!
even if flake seems to think there isn't anything in it, and because it is a metal cooler, the bear wouldn't want to get in it any way....

it is hard to see, but those are his "finger" prints on the bottom right hand corner
the bear was able to get into our cooler....and let me tell you bears are picky!
in the cooler was a random assortment of, woodchuck, jelly, 2 half gallon lemonades, cheese (in one of those plastic cases), and pringles (the little 100 calorie serving containers).
the only thing that wasn't just bothered, but actually missing was the cheese...and the container...
thank goodness that one of the little kids who went camping with us, found the cheese case in the woods!

so, you can imagine, how fun and exciting the month was....
lets just hope for may to be the same! :)
except for the whole bloggy hiatus!


Kristina P. said...

Well, I guess I can forgive you for your bloggy hiatus then. Great pictures!

Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) said...

Oh it looks like you've been a busy girl in "real life". That's the best excuse not to blog!

Thanks for the pictures and the updates!

Alexis AKA MOM said...

wow girlie you're rocking it! I love your month of april and the pics.

And wow that is one tricky "bear" ... got to love it!

I tried to copy the code for your button but it wouldn't let me, I'll try again soon!

Stop by when you get a chance I have a new giveaway up :)

lov said...

it really was a bear!
those finger prints were each about the size of a half dollar!

Danielle Banks said...

WTG on the 5K!! So proud of you!!!

Congrats to Paul and his wife!!!

At first sight I thought those were your feet and the hairy legs worried me a bit!!! LOL

Melissa said...

Congrats on your 5K, you should be very proud.

Paul's mother-in law has a talent with the floral arrangements, those were gorgeous!!!

Bears make camping super exciting, raccoons are just as picky too!

lov said...

yay yay on the 5k!

now if i could just convince myself to go run again! :/
its been a weird few weeks!

you mean to think those hairy legs don't look like yours?!?!
mine shouldn't look like that?!?!