Sunday, November 2, 2008

why flake?!?!

i like nicknames

growing up i had two
my daddy called me baby darling which has now been shortened to b.d.
my mama called me lamb

but when it came to what others called name was never shortened, and the only thing other than my given name that i went by .... was laok

so to make up for the lack of never really having a nickname....
i've found a deep appreciation for giving nicknames to other people

d.d. (daddy darling)

fill this

paulie wallie

baby cakes
sweet boy

brookebaberfarr (all one word)

robin bird
butt monkey

amanda gene


a run



bef get the point

so...when i met flake....
i knew him by his name...
but found out shortly that his friends called him flake
i was totally curious as to why he was called flake...
(as i'm sure you have wondered why on earth i would refer to my husband as flake)
i mean, in my opinion....he didn't seem stupid, so i was unsure why they would call him "flake"
so one day i asked...

and here is why i now refer to him as flake....

he worked as a manager in a pizza place here in town....
he hired one of his close friends, andy ....
andy overheard the kitchen staff referring to the manager as cornflake....
andy found it so funny, that he went back and told all their other friends to call him cornflake...which has now been shortened to flake.

when it comes to why i call him flake in the blog...
he chooses that to be his "internet name"
so....i being the respectful person i am...
i will call him flake! :)


Mrs. Goodneedle said...

I could tell, all along, that you were using this ncikname with only the most sincere respect!!

Bobby and Brooke said...

Ha! This blog is so "Leigh Anna"...even though, it makes me a little sad that you're revealing so many secrets about yourself...soon everyone will know you as well as I do! :)

Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) said...

Mmmmm.... butt monkey huh? I wonder how she got that one!