Monday, October 18, 2010

"got" god

i've always thought it was true....
god is good!
from a very young age
i loved going to church!
it was just part of my life,
being that my daddy was a preacher
most every memory i have as a child revolves around church
and any memory that has to do with church, has to do with god.

as i grew, so did my faith
as my faith grew, my understanding of god grew
i began to understand that some people knew god in a different way than i did.
i began to understand....that was ok.
i began to understand that god works in different ways for different people.
i began to understand....that was ok.
i began to understand that not everyone just "got" god.
i began to understand that spreading the good news of god helped others to "get" him.

over the past few weeks,
i've seen how others were able to "get" god
and that has made me so happy!

when i lived in greenville, i met josh.
he was my neighbor.
he was my friend.
he was in a band.
we had the best time getting to know each other.
i loved spending time with josh and his girlfriend.
i loved hearing his band play.
it quickly became a friendship that i treasured.
my only "issue"
josh didn't "get" god.
he believed there was a god.
however, he didn't believe in organized religion.
i can understand that.
sometimes people get burned by church.
sometimes church becomes more about the people, and less about god.
and i believed that josh was just frustrated by what church had become.
needless to say, i prayed for him.
he also said, he didn't believe in prayer.
he didn't see how it worked.
he didn't see the point.
needless to say, i prayed about that too!
on september 20th, one of the band members, was shot.
(read about it here.....)
two thugs tried to rob the band after a show,
having a gun pulled on them, scott pulled a gun himself.
one of the robbers ended up being killed,
scott was critical for many weeks,
and he has made great strides since that horrible night.
i've been able to keep up with scott's progress through facebook.
a page was set up for prayers.
and a website was set up for help for scott's medical bills.
so many people came together to help scott, and to support the band.
on october 6 at 10:09 pm
josh posted the following status update

"I believe in prayers now. Thanks to everyone. Scott Thomas is the man! love you all"

through such a horrible situation,
god showed himself.
god made himself known,
and if nothing else good came from it
my dear friend "got" it!
and that is more than i could have ever asked for!

back in july,
i found out my best friend's baby might not make it.
robin's baby was not surrounded by amniotic fluid.
sometime during robin's pregnancy,
her placenta had ruptured, which caused her sac to rupture, allowing the fluid to leak.
the doctors gave her and her husband NO HOPE!
each and every doctor's visit, they received grim news.
they heard all the horrible things that their baby was experiencing.
"the baby will not develop kidneys."
"the baby will never develop lungs"
"the baby will never have muscle tone."
"the baby will die during child birth."
"IF the baby makes it though child birth, it will die within minutes."
needless to say, robin was devastated.
she was put on bed rest, and remained on bed rest until last monday morning when their precious baby was born.
their precious baby was a girl.
something they never knew before.
their precious baby made it through childbirth.
something they never thought would happen.
their precious baby had perfectly functioning kidneys.
their baby squeezed robin's finger.
their baby also had lungs.
(small lungs, that need healing, but LUNGS none the less!)
over the past week,
robin has kept me up to date
and i've turned around and kept all the people praying for their precious baby up to date.
(go to the discussion tab on this facebook page)
their baby is a week old.
their baby is a miracle from above.
their baby is bringing so many people together.
i received a message from someone i don't know that said
"Thank you for your updates. I don't know you or Robin, but some one at work told me about baby Mary Ann. I've never been into God. I don't really get it. But after reading all about Mary Ann, it is hard for me not to believe. Last night I said a prayer for Mary Ann. It was the first prayer I've ever said. This little girl is doing more than you will ever know. Thank you."
someone else "got" god!

If you aren't already, please pray for both Mary Ann and her family, as well as Scott, his family and the members of the band!
Thank you!

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Mrs. Goodneedle said...

You got it, amazing testimony going on here! YAY, GOD!!