Saturday, February 12, 2011


their friendship started early.....
before they actualy met.
but they were interested in each other.
diesel was interested in this growing belly....
and pickle would kick and turn every time he heard diesel bark.
it could only mean one thing.....or so we hoped....
we hoped it meant that they were going to have a great friendship....

the first time they met, well, as you can see, we weren't so sure!
it seemed like they would learn to tolerate each other,
that or they just didn't realize the other existed!

the more they spent time together,
the easier it was to see,
their bond is something special.

if ever pickle is sad,
diesel can calm him down.
pickle calms down....immediately when diesel gets near him.

every time diesel comes in the house,
she goes to look for pickle
and always, no matter where he is,
she finds him.

she is so gentle with him.
and so protective of him.
and he giggles at her.
and he loves being near her.

i can't wait to watch their friendship continue to grow.
and i'm sure, we'll be in for some surprises courtesy of the two of them!


Bobby and Brooke said...

I love this! What a sweet friendship!!!

Melissa said...

Awhhhh, Diesel is so sweet! I love this post:)

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Too, too cute! Best buds, that's the way it will be.

Kendall said...

The whole sleeping thing could be synchronized sleeping!!! But incredibly cute!!!

Lizzie said...

awwww so sweet!!! i am finally off my "blog break" sorry it's been so long. hope you are having a great summer!!